14 May 2010

Friday Freebies

Martin John Henry
The ex-De Rosa front man has been working away on his first solo album since the split of his aforementioned band. As a wee taster he is giving away a free copy of his cover of the Beatles, 'Because', all you have to do is click the link.

Trapped in Kansas
The Ayrshire rock sprites have posted covers of Darien Venture and Calvin Harris up on their Bandcamp page for free. Mon the 'Pumped in Venice'!

The Dirty Cuts

For those of you paying attention I featured these guys on Monday in the Fresh Meat feature, if you liked what you heard or you weren't paying attention then now's your chance to do some catching up as Ed from 17 Seconds has sent me over a wee link of a remix by Dino Bardot of their song 'Yummy Mummy'. He also sent me a link for a free download of the b-side to the first single '2 page Spread', it's called 'Lips', and all you have to do is click here. What a sweety that Ed is, sadly I didn't get to say hi to him at the bloggers DJ night. Probably for the best that night as I might have scared him with my hugs/kisses.
Oh and I can't be the only one the keeps wanting to add an 'n' to the band name, right?

Ghost Pants
Ghost Pants, aka Paul Carlin from Dananananannanananananananananananananannananannaaykroyd's, is giving away his Analogue Hearts EP for free on his Bandcamp. Ch-ch-check it.

Song of Return
You might remember them as Union of Knives, we'll things have all been a bit up in the air lately. Still it's good to have them back, there has been a bit of change in personnel but the tunes are still mighty fine. If you sign up to their mailing list they'll send you two MP3's, cracking deal in my eyes.

Another member of the Fresh Meat club giving away stuff this week is Alastair J Chivers, aka Deathpodal. He recorded a new song at one his friends flat warming parties which he's decided to share with us all. It's called 'Flat Squash' and it's free to download on his Soundcloud page.

Michael Ashford
Our friends over at Sonic Reverie Records have posted a free download from Shrewsbury based Michael Ashford, if you like your ambinet piano based music then this is for you.

Invisible Elephant
As if one freebie wasn't enough, the Sonic boys and girls have also put up a free download of the new Invisible Elephant EP, 'The Lights Go Out'. If you like bands like Sonic Youth and My Bloody Valentine, then this should defo float your boat.

Hotly tipped shoegazer London four piece have a few songs up for grabs on their blog, you hipster that want to have been into them first can get yourself some free downloads here.

Silver Columns

I know I had a freebie from this 'mysterious duo' last week, but hey I'm excited about hearing the album. An Astronomer remix of their forthcoming single 'Cavalier' is up for grabs over at RCRD LBL.

Firebrand Boy
The lo-fi electronica artist has songs about Queens Park and Albert Avenue (a street on which I once lived) has a posted his new 'Glasgow EP' up for free download.

Jose Gonsalez, mind him? aye the guy that had the song on that advert with all the bouncy balls/cover of the Knife's 'Heartbeats'. Wondered what he's been up to lately? Probably not, but I am going to give you a wee update. He's been off recording with his old band Junip, there should be an EP in the offing sometime soon. As a taster, "Rope and Summit" from it is being given away for on the bands homepage.

The Coral

Mind those cheeky scousers, they had a fair few catchy numbers, then they kind of disappeared up their own arses/were no longer deemed fashionable (you decide). I thought they were gone for good, oh how I was wrong, they're back and they are giving away the 'Butterfly House' from their new album for nowt.

Edinburgh based, one-man lo-fi pop outfit outfit, 'dems' has posted new song 'Jarndyce vs Jarndyce' up on his Bandcamp. Catchy little number it is too, get in about it here.

The Unwinding Hours
In their monthly(?) email Chemikal Underground send you a wee link to some freebies that they've posted, if you haven't already signed up then I suggest you get that sorted straight away. The latest freebie on offer is a download from the Unwinding Hours tour EP which they have a few copies left for sale in the Chemikal shop. An acoustic version of their song 'Traces' is up for free download, along with a whole host of cracking tunes, get stuck in here.

The Doctor Will See You Now.......

Kowalskiys Komplimentary Korner

Dr Dog
As some of you out there might already know, our good friend David 'Kowalaskiy' became Doctor Dave this week. So once you've finished gorging yourself on all of these freebies make sure you hit his site and congratulate him. We're all 'very pwoud' of you you kidda!
Anyway, he's dug up a large number of Dr Dog freebies for us, the legend that he is!

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