18 April 2010

Weekly Round Up (18/04/2010)

Monday - Ross Drummond aka Electro-pop outfit 'Lies' were my Fresh Meat
Tuesday - Vic Galloway's return from the other side pond meant that I could get back onto recording some sessions. It was North Atlantic Oscillation, again (?!), thankfully this time round the session went well. The less said about the first two songs from the Radio One session, the better.
Wednesday - The Hubmeister General (RM Hubbert) became the 11th 'member' of the Scots Way-Hay club, giving one of the most interesting set of answers to date. In addition to this, Peter Parkers recorded a wee session for Marc Riley's 6Music show. Rather good it was too.
Thursday - Peenko favourites Mitchell Museum were in session on Huw Stephens Radio One show, it was a belter of a session. Plus we even got a wee plug for our gig. Although Mr Stephens did make Kid Canaveral sound more like a venereal disease and said it was part of the Campfires in Winters festival. I know I shouldn't complain, but us bloggers can be a right bunch of bitches sometimes.
I also posted King Creosote's session for the Marc Riley show. Seriously how gorgeous was that?! Also, I really don't know how I/this blog would cope without the legend that is Mr Riley. I also posted a wee interview with Walter Micklethwait (try saying that after a few beers, it's almost as difficult as Little Yellow Ukuleles), one of the organisers of the amazing Insider Festival . He was number seven in my 'Community Care' feature, I'm sure you'll agree that it was worth the wait, now all I need to do is think who my next victim might be...
Friday - is always about the freebies, my personal favourites were from Antlers, Cults and the Evening Chorus. It really does that I am finding more and more stuff each week, is this the way forward for bands these days......

News, gigs and gubbins............

Zoey Van Goey announced they'll be playing a couple of matinee shows in May, under the banner of Practice Makes Perfect. The gigs take play on Sunday the 2nd and 9th of May, at the Captains Rest. The gigs will see the trio road testing new material for that difficult second album. Both events kick off at 2pm, further details can be found here.

On Wednesday the Glasgow Podcart have another corking gig lined up the 13th Note, featuring Peenko favourite Miaoux Miaoux and Dead Boy Robotics. It promises to be spaff-tastic night of electro goodness plus it's free. The Podcart kids done good again.

On Wednesday, White Heath and Jesus H Foxx are playing the I Fly Spitfires night at Maggie's Chamber in Edinburgh, doors are at eight and tickets are a bargain £2. Should be a cracking night.

If you happen to live in St Andrews or the surrounding area and you have no plans for this afternoon, then you should check out the On The Rocks Festival which launches today.
Otters Sing Lullabies are putting a gig on at the beautiful hidden St John's Garden, featuring a whole host of talented Scottish folk artsists, including Edinburgh band The Last Battle.

Details of this years West End Festival haven't been officially announced yet, but some of the gigs have been posted. Taking place in June, Oran Mor has Ian McCulloch - Tuesday 15th, King Creosote - Wednesday 16th, Zoey Van Goey/Peter Parker/Endor (Silence Can Break Your Heart) - Thursday 17th, Beerjacket - Friday 18th, Mr Kil/Three Blind Wolves - Saturday 19th. Tickets are on sale here.

The Lava Experiments play the Captains Rest, this coming Thursday (22nd). Also on the bill are The Hardy Souls and Psycho Candy. Tickets are £4 on the door or £2.50 in advance from the band.

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  1. Sylvia21/4/10

    Wahey! There's a Campfires In Winter Festival?! :)

    If it's a weekend of Boab singing tunes/telling stories around a campfire whilst we sip hot cocoa, then count me in!