30 April 2010

Friday Freebies

God Don't Like it have a free Download of Meursault’s 'Crank Resolutions' up for grabs. It's taken from their 2nd album “All Creatures will Make Merry” which is due out at the end of May.

Wounded Knee
I caught Drew aka 'Wounded Knee' last week at the warm up to the Dead Parrots 3rd birthday bash, alongside the ever fabulous RM Hubbert. Both of them put on top performances, so I must admit that I was well chuffed when I stumbled across his newest release, The Ayrtime.Org EP, it's available for free download here.

The Pernice Brothers
You can download an MP3 from their upcoming record “Goodbye, Killer,” which is out in mid June, all you have to do to get the new song “Jacqueline Susann” is click here.

Glasgow Podcart
the lovely Podcart folk have put up a few more sessions up for download, including sessions from Beerjacket, Julia and the Doogans and Dead Boy Robotics, they're all available for free download on their Bandcamp.

Beneath Us The Waves
A bootleg recording of Beneath Us The Waves live at the Liquid Ship for Elba Sessions is up for free download here.

Those pesky kids and their fun ways, they've only gone and recorded a cover of the Friends theme tune for all their Facebook/Twitter followers. Seeing as I don't want you lot missing out you can download it here.

Sleigh Bells
This weeks hipster freebie comes from the amazing Sleigh Bells, I cannae wait for their album to come out. If the demos that are floating about are anything to go by then this could be something pretty damn special. Until then you can get an inkling of what to expect by downloading "Tell 'em" over on their homepage. Sweet as the proverbial fucking nut.

Go-Away Birds
The latest offering from the band made up of folk from Zoe Van Goey and Gold Help the Girl has just been up for grabs. Head on over to their homepage to download their latest EP 'Those Bombs' which is available completely gratis.

Those wacky Irish men are still banging away at their A-Z compilation, what larks they are. They have 3 tracks up for free download, including a remix by Mogwai, just over to their homepage and you'll find the links on the right hand side of the page.

Throwing Muses
A new Throwing Muses demo, "Freesia" is up for free download here.

Hair Rocket
A free download of Pennsylvanian indie pop outfit Hari Rocket's debut EP 'Don't Leave A Light On' , is up for free on their Bandcamp (cheers to Drunk Country for the tip off).

The Monroe Transfer
The London post-rockers got a cracking review on Line of Best Fit this week, if you fancy giving them a go then head over to their Bandcamp where you can download their song 'Waltz' for free.

Muscle Club
Their song 'We Don't Watch We Stare' is up for free download, and as you probably already guessed it's up on their Bandcamp. Don't you just love Bandcamp, so simple yet so fucking brilliant.

Casino Queen
The Lo-fi Edinburgh outfit have an EP up for free download, and yep you guessed it, it's Bandcamp time. Fuck I am starting to feel like one of the American Pie movies going by the number of times I've mentioned the 'B' word this week.

In a first for Friday Freebies, I have embedded a download link so you don't have to bugger off anywhere else. As I know how much you all love it here, all that beautiful green-ness. Aye, anyway, NYC hipster folks Interpol have a new song up for grabs. Download it below.

Kowalskiys Komplimentary Korner

Arran Arctic
Sign up to his mailing list and you get an acoustic version of one of his album tracks!
Just click here.

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