23 April 2010

Friday Freebies

The Kays Lavelle
The second single ‘Ten Times’ from the Kays forthcoming debut album ‘Be Still This Gentle Morning’ is available for free digital download through the good folk over at Wiseblood Industries.

I guess that most of you will already be aware of this, but in case it passed you by Blur's new song 'Fools Day' that was released as part of Record Store Day has been made available for free download in exchange for your email address.

Kid Carpet
If you've never heard of KC then now's the time to get yourself acquainted, I first came across him in one of the wee tents at Belladrum a few years back. Seeing a grown man play toy instruments and making some of the most fun dance music known to man was my highlight of the weekend. My second biggest highlight was stumbling across him playing the same tent a few hours later, due to the fact that some of the bands had been forced to pull out. The man is a legend on his pink toy guitar. Anyway, enough shite about me, he has put a new collection of songs entitled 'The Advert Break' up for free download, here.

Bob Hillary and the Massive Mellow
If you are heading up north to this years Insider Festival then you might have spotted this lot on the bill. If you fancy hearing what they sound like, then you'd be advised to subscribe to their mailing list, as they'll send you a free MP3 of their song 'It's All Good'. Ain't that kind of them.

City Slang have posted a free download of the LA band's song 'USA Boys', just right click save and hey presto you've got yourself some new tunes for nowt.

Also up on City Slang is Odessa (David Wrenchs Drumapella) by Caribou, once again, right click save. Easy peasy.

Pulled Apart by Horses
Give Transgressive Records your email address and they'll give you 4 free tracks from their 'Live at Leeds', 12" which came out as part of the Record Store Day celebrations.

The Sheffield post-rock band have a couple of free downloads up for grabs, 'Tiger Girl' is up on the NME's site and 'Crash Tactics' is free over on Indie Shuffle.

I'll admit that I have only really heard one tune from Unkle, that one with Ian Brown, yes I know shame on me, etc, blah blah. Apprently they have a new album out, I think it's supposed to be a bit pants, but then I'll never know. If you would like to get an idea of what it's like then you download yourself a couple fo free tracks here.

The Glasgow indie pop-rockers ahve free download of their song 'intro' up on lastfm for free.

Elliot Smith
A couple of tracks by the late Elliote Smith are up on RCRD LBL for free,'Last Call' from his Roman Candle album and 'Twilight', from the From Basement On A Hill album.

Stolen Recordings
The indie label has put a free sampler up for download on their Bandcamp, it features tracks from Pete & the Pirates, My Sad Captains and TAP TAP.

Give them your email address and they'll let you download a free MP3 and video of 'La La Love You'.

Mystery Jets
Their third album is due out soon, to promote it's release they're giving away a free download a new track called 'Flash a Hungry Smile', just click here.

The Dandy Warhols
Mind these guys, they were on advert, everyone LOVED them. Then everyone forgot, I liked that song they sang about heroine, or somehting like that. Do I care what they're doing nowadays, not really no. Some of you lot might though, so here you go it's a free download of 'Little Drummer Boy'. Is it just me or are there far too many freebies out there these days....

Ólafur Arnalds
Icelandic fella, has a new album, it's not about volcanoes, actually I have no idea wtf his songs are about. He does have a free download up of one of a new song up for grabs, taken from the album ''Þú Ert Sólin', which translates as 'pure minging by the way'...or perhaps not, is up for grabs here.

Iron & Wine
yep that folky guy with the huge beard, aye him, he's got a free song up fro grabs over RCRD LBL. It's called 'The Trapeze Swinger' and it's rather nice, download it here.

The Mountain Parade
Another last minute edition from Ian 'too pretty to blog' Bawjaws from Have Fun At Dinner, as I just got this I can't tell you much. Apparently they're a folk pop band from Oxford, we'll just have to trust my little dragon loving acorn. You can download their EP 'Living Room Songs' for free on their Bandcamp.

Although Kowalskiy keeps banging on about this lot I must admit that I haven't given them much of a listen. Saw them on Jools Holland once, they didn't impress me much, might need to get them another chance. There is a free download of their song 'On The Rocks' up for grabs here. Talking of Kowalskiy it's time for his we Korner (please note the KKK idea was mine, he's not a big racist or so he says.....)

Kowalskiy's Komplimentary Korner

The Northwestern
From the ashes of one of one of my favourite bands, Hope Of The States comes The Northwestern. There are two free downloads of their songs "Rot and Gin" and "The Number" available here, all that they ask for is an email address in return.

Go Go Bordello
Personally I don't know too much about these guys, I liked that Start Wearing Purple song, that was class. David, sorry Kowalskiy swears by them, hence the reason why he's given us two freebies this week. What a wee star he is! Anyway, if you head over to Rolling Stone, then you can download new track Pala Tute.


  1. Great stuff this week you beautiful man. Also, I'm so over Dragons. It's all about Henry Hoover porn.

  2. Boab and I still want pics!

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