28 March 2010

Weekly Round Up (28/03/10)

Here's a roundup of things that I had up this week, and yup there was still no return of Boabs reviews, tut fucking tut. I'll need to have a word with him about that...
Monday - I finally got that Sleigh Bells recording from SXSW that I'd fucked up posted, with a working link this time. Plus Julia and the Doogans were my Fresh Meat and we had even more Frabbit. Fuck it if they're going to record sessions I am going to keep posting em.
Tuesday - I posted heehaw, I was supposed to have a Teenage Fanclub recording up, but due to too much shit to deal with in work and general laziness not a lot happened.
Wednesday - We had Mitchell Museum's Marc Riley session, have we mentioned that they have a gig at the end of April?! Enough of that, more whoring will be done soon. The fabulous Miaoux Miaoux were my next installment in 'Scots Way-Hay'. Plus by special request Olo Worms session was posted for Mooki
Thursday - Saw the lovely Jenny Soep give one of the most interesting set of answers that I have ever had the good fortune to post on here. North Atlantic Oscillation's Marc Riley session went up too, blooming great it was too
Friday - Had 'the greatest' Friday Freebies ever, honestly at the start of the week I was shiting it that I wouldn't have anything. Then along came the National, Phoenix, et al.
Saturday - was all about sessions, RM Hubbert wowed me with his appearance on Celtic Music Radio, while Paul Carlin had me whooping like one of the morons oyu used to get in the crowd on early 90's tv show 'The Word', when he plugged our gig. Oh and he also had a session with the new to me, Okker, great find that man.

Things going on this week, news, other stuff that I have no idea where to put, but want to share

If you are free on Thursday night then you you be getting yourself down to the Liquid Ship on Great Western Road in Glasgow for the Fifth 'Elba Session Present'. The line up is a bit of a corker boasting 'beneath us the waves, The Scottish Enlightenment and John Rush, all playing and to top it all off it's free. Further details can be found here.

Our Edinburgh friends 17 Seconds have a new release out tomorrow, Aberfeldy's Chris Bradley's At the Outpost . This is the follow-up to his 2008 solo debut Voices and will be the first full album release on 17 Seconds Records. Chris is doing a wee instore at Avalanche in Glasgow at 5pm on the 7th, if you can't till then to buy a copy then head on over to 17 Seconds and splash your cash.

Bis announced their return with a one off UK show in Glasgow this week, having already confirmed that they will play at this years Primavera. They are due to play at Stereo on the 23rd of May, ticket details can be found here.

Belle and Sebastian have been announced as curators at this years ATP festival, an event that they helped to establish 11 years ago with their Bowlie Weekender. The festival is being billed as Bowlie Part 2, and it will see the band curating all three nights, from the 10th-12th of December, with the band also headline at least one evening. Pre-sale tickets can be found here.

Ed from 17 Seconds announced on his blog (he must be feeling very special at getting two mentions) yesterday that Tigerfest runs between the 5-14th of May this year. So far only the line-up for Edinburgh leg has been announced, Dunfermline should be announced fairly soon. Artiststs that have been announced so far include; Martin Stephenson, There Will be Fireworks, Jesus H. Foxx, Emily Scott, Midas Fall, The Gothenburg Address, TV21, Alex Cornish, Andi Neate, Andy Tucker, Casey, the Stantons, the Boycotts and Phoebe Kreutz, X-Lion Tamer, The Last Battle, Chris Bradley, The Dirty Cuts and The Wildhouse.


  1. haw you!! i told you what was happening with the review last night!! ah well, maybe you were just to intoxicated or too busy trying to pour more beer into a full pint to listen...

  2. still waiting though ;)
    actually I had drafted this post up yesterday before I had spoken to your goodself.
    I'm still cringing over my stupidity, that's why I need Nic to look after me

  3. Sylvia28/3/10

    *volunteers for Boab's spanking*

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