07 March 2010

The Return of the Insider Festival 2010

2009 was a terrible year for Scottish festivals, it almost felt as every week one was being cancelled. So it's really refreshing to see this truly independent festival coming back for a second year. Set in the grounds of Inshriach House near Aviemore, on the weekend of the 18th to 20th June,
Tickets for the weekend are a very reasonable £70 (TITP £180 and Rockness £149), this includes your camping too. With a capacity of just 600, tickets probably won't be about for long. So far the only band to have been announced is the Joe Acheson Quartet, but if last years line up is anything to go by then we are in for a treat.

The organisers are trying to keep the festival as eco-friendly as possible by using locally sourced food, our drink, and most of the bands playing will be relatively local, apart from maybe a couple from Ireland, and probably some Scandinavians. Wherever possible their bars and stages are made of recycled materials and all of their rubbish gets recycled. Their thinking is that the Insider happens in an area of outstanding natural beauty and they want it to stay that way. Sounds like a great idea to me. If that sounds like it'd be your kind of festival, then head on over to their home page for further details.


  1. Line-up's looking awesome. Pendulum will make a great headliner for Friday - http://bit.ly/9dqOHt

  2. erm.....eh?!
    the post is about the Insider Festival, not Rockness. Or am I being a bit slow?

  3. who are pendulum anyway? dont think we have booked them. Best get those last few details on the website sorted, news seems to be out. Will we see you along this year?


  4. I was starting to wonder if it was some big secret that you weren't letting on about. They're a drum & bass/house band, kind of like a modern day Prodigy. One for the kids.

    Give us a heads up when more of the line up has been announced and I'll give it a wee mention.

    As for making it along, I really hope that I can. I will have to see nearer to the time as I'm due to become a dad in late August, so I'm not sure how chuffed my wife would be to see my disappear for the weekend.
    I migth have to start working on her now to test the water