30 March 2010

Peenko vs Ayetunes Present: Kid Canaveral, Mitchell Museum and Campfires in Winter

In case you haven't been paying attention myself and Jim 'Ayetunes' are taking our first tentative steps into gig promotion. On Friday the 30th of April we have a belter of an line up which includes 2 of my tips for big things this year, Mitchell Museum and Campfires in Winter, with my favourite live act of 2009, Kid Canaveral headlining the evening.

Kid Canaveral - Good Morning

In case you are new to any of these bands then I'll give you a brief summarisation, Kid Canaveral are one of THE most fun live bands I have ever had the pleasure of seeing. If you've been fortunate to catch any of their Glasgow dates recently and seen beardy twat dancing like he's 17. Then that'll have been me. I love this band, their debut album 'Shouting at Wildlife' is due out at the end of June, an absolute belter it is too,or at least from what I've heard of it so far it is. Appently it's 90% finished, I cannae wait to hear it in it's full glory.
The catchy little song, 'Good Morning', which you can stream above is available to download for free from their Bandcamp page.

Mitchell Museum - Take The Tongue Out

When I started to think about what bands I was going to tip for big things in 2010, Mitchell Museum were the first band that came to mind. So to have them play at a gig that we're putting on feels like a bit of an honour to the pair of us. Having never seen them live before I am understandably rather excited about the prospect of catching them in the flesh. If they're even half as good live as Jim tells me, then they should absolutely blow you away.
If you don't trust me, then you check these credentials out, Q Magazine feature them in this months issue as part of their “Net Big Thing”, Marc Riley (6Music) and Huw Stephens (Radio One) have had both them in recently to record sessions for their shows, and they currently on the Best of Myspace podcast. That's all taken place in the last month, not bad, not bad at all. You might also be interested to learn that there's also a whole host of downloads available for free on their download page.

Campfires in Winter - They Looked Just Like Fallen Leaves

Kicking off the night are 'my boys', Campfires in Winter, if you are coming along then make sure you get there nice and early as you really don't to be missing out on these guys. I'm not sure if they ever publicly announced it, but their drummer quit about a month ago, so sadly it looks as if any plans for an album are going to have to be put on hold until next year. On a more positive note they have vowed to continue playing gigs acoustically. anyone that caught their set at the Glasgow Podcart 1st birthday party can vouch that they can still hold their own and then some. So what can you expect from their set, well so I have been promised deformed cuddly toys, a rather exciting cover, plus you'll be able to hear what I've been getting all excited about all this time.
Their live set from the Podcart birthday bash is up for free download, go listen to some great tunes and some truly awful banter (sorry Boab).

Hopefully after all that you'll realise why I am so excited about this gig, it is going to be fucking epic. I have even put my dancing shoes on for the evening. Although my better half will be there, so I might well have to be on my behaviour (for a bit). It would be great to see some of you coming down for the night, I think this one of the best line-ups that I've seen this year. Even if it wasn't my gig, I'd be excited! Hopefully that's sealed the deal for you and now now you want to know about to get tickets for the evening.
It's pretty straight forward, they're on sale now, they're only £4, postage is free (there's none of that booking fee nonsense). I have set up a BigCartel site to purchase them from, all you need is a PayPal account (the same thing you use to buy things on eBay).
Tickets will be £5 on the door, doors are at eight, I'd love to see a few of you coming along to enjoy some of the finest up and coming Scottish bands.

Glasgow Podcart -
"peenko v's ayetunes line up: Spaffmatic."


  1. If you don't like Bigcartel and/or Paypal give one of us a shout, especially if you'll be around Glasgow on Saturday, and we'll swap you tickets for cash :)

  2. Sylvia30/3/10

    "deformed cuddly toys"?

    Is it safe to assume that someone might be recording/videoing this auspicious evening for posterity? :D

  3. I'm sure there will be pictures of some sort, we'll even try and get 'special' ones just for you ;)

  4. There's already pictures online of Boab bound and gagged though ;)

  5. Sylvia31/3/10


  6. I'm not even making that up Sylvia, look here - http://www.last.fm/music/Campfires+In+Winter

    And there's videos on Youtube, but without the bondage.

  7. Sylvia1/4/10

    Oh I've seen those ones. I'm just anticipating the 'special' ones. :)