05 March 2010

Friday Freebies

Yusuf Azak
You can catch Aberdeen-born artist Yusuf Azak supporting Merursault in a few weeks at thei album launch. If you fancy having a wee listen to what he sounds like then you might be pleased to learn that he has put his two self-released two EPs, "Gazelle" and "Light Procession", to download for free on his homepage. Kudos goes out to David Kowalskiy for this tip.

Pink Pills
You might remember that I featured Ryan J Gallagher, aka Pink Pills in a previous Friday Freebies, well now the Edinburgher low-fi pop troubador is back with with a free album, 'Concrete Heartbeat'. You can download the album for free here in MP3 and here using FLAC.

Ready Set Go
It used to be just kids at gigs that used to make me feel old, now I have the pesky buggers making me feel fucking ancient. readysetgo is a 14 year old music producer/composer, yes you read that right. He's from Aberdeenshire and he's one talented wee bugger. His album,
"Who the hell needs cover art anyways?" is available to download for free here. If you like your electronica check it out, be prepared to feel old as fuck though.

Healthy Minds Collapse
They remind a bit of Therapy?, China Drum and the Wildhearts, actually they remind of a lot of the bands that I was listening to in the 90's. They have a free download of their song 'Best Intentions' up for free download, all they ask in return is your email address.

Pavement (covers)
Like Pavement? Like covers? then you'll love this compilation 'show me a word that rhymes with Pavement'. It even has Rod Jones from Idlewild covering 'Shady Lane', double bonus. Yep, it's free and you get it here.

Broken Social Scene
The Canadian super-group are giving away a track from their forthcoming album, 'Forgiveness Rock Record' on their website. The track 'World Sick' is up as a free download here.

Bonnaroo Compilation
The Bonnaroo Festival are giving away a free compilation for climate change, featuring Wilco, Pearl Jam, My Morning Jacket and The Decemberists. Download it here.

I heard these guys on Vic G's Monday night show, liked it a lot. You can too!! As they're giving away a free download of their song 'A Spectre Is Haunting Europe', go and download yourself a copy here.

Donna Maciocia
The former lead singer of Amplifico (not sure if they've split or if they're just on an indefinite hiatus) has a whole host of the MP3's up for free download on her website. Go feast here.

Crystal Antlers
Uncut described them as being 'fried psychedelic punks', does that make any sense? It just seems like journalistic bollocks to me. Anyway, if you fancy finding out what they eally sound like, then you might be interested to learn that they have put up two new songs for free download on their website.

Mind these guys? they had the guy that looked just like Sylar from Hereos. They never did much for me, but fuck it, it's free and you can't really grumble at that. Sign up for their mailing list and they'll send you a remix of a new song.

Alec Ounsworth

Mind Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, remember how good their debut album was? Now you're thinking how disappointing their follow up was, right?
Want to hear what their lead singer has been up to, then head on over to his homepage and download a live version of the song 'Modern Girl'.

Silver Columns
So the big 'secret' is out and the Silver Columns have been un-masked as The Pictish Trail and Adem. Who'd have thunk it?! Anyway, they have a new single, 'Cavalier' coming out on April 19th through Moshi Moshi. In anticipation of its release the NME have put a remix of the song by Time And Space Machine aka Richard Norris from Beyond The Wizard's Sleeve, up for free download.

Waskerley Way
Matthew from Song By Toad posted about this on Wednesday, sounded not bad, plus it's free. We like free things round here. If you like your shoegaze, then this five track demo, 'Yonder' might be right up your proverbial street.

the Banana Sessions
The Edinburgh 'mutant folk-pop' band the Banana Sessions, have two demo tracks up on their site which can be downloaded for free, just head on over to their homepage.


  1. Cheers for that :)

    His EPs are great! Can't wait for the Meursault album launch gig

  2. Not Jim, not at all5/3/10

    Last week's was better.