28 February 2010

Out and About

There's a fair few things going on in Glasgow this week, most of which I can't make, but seeing as there's so much happening I though it'd be a good idea to post them in one handy post.

There's not much on this Monday, unless you fancy hanging out with all the neds at Stereo for the View. Actually how the fuck did the View end playing in Stereo, that just seems wrong to me. Yes, I know it's snobby as fuck, but it's just wrong, wrong, wrong.

Thankfully things pick up on Tuesday night at Sleazys, where you have dd/mm/yyyy, backed by an array of local talent which includes Galleries, Mice and the Macabre Scene (we like em a lot round these parts).

On Wednesday night The Lost Generation and Healthy Minds Collapse at Tuts. Whilst one man troubadour Shambles Miller struts his stuffdown at Pivo Pivo.

On Thursday, indie label and artist collective Antimatter debut their first Musicbox night at Universal. 'The concept of Musicbox is simple. Musically, each line up features four of the best new up and coming artists around. We operate an open mixed genre policy. Acoustic artists play side by side with electronic, folk musicians next to experimental. Each artist has been specifically chosen to compliment the rest.'
Sounds like a good idea to me, the line looks like this The Recovery Club, Engine7, Paul McLinden and Lamplighter. Out of all of them I have only heard Engine7, who's album 'Me, But Perfect' rather impressed me last year. Tickets are only £3, the evening kicks off at 8pm, further details are available on the Anitmatter website.

Friday, you have one of two options The Unwinding Hours at Stereo (reminds self that I need to get me finger oot and get a ticket for this - anyone fancy it?) or alternatively there is always the Local Natives at Tuts, which I'd be surprised if it wasn't sold out already. Can't be arsed checking.

Saturday night at the 13th Note should be a good un, Flowers in the Dustbin have a showcase of local talent lined up, including The Fire And I, The 123’s, Hitlist Youth and Foxgang. That's going to be a beast of an evening.

Finally if you want to see the week off in style then you should head down to Mono next Sunday for Burnt Island's (more on them later in the week) mini-album launch. Support on the evening comes from Aidan Moffat and Benni Hemm Hemm backed by the Second Hand Marching Band (that reminds me where's my EP?????).

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  1. A round up of the week's gigs? Why didn't I think of that :P