11 February 2010

Glasgow Hinterland Festival 2010 - Line Up Takes Shape

NB - this post originally went up last week and was subsequently removed as the line up hadn't been officially confirmed, so here we go go again, take 2......

I'm still pretty surprised to see that it's coming back for a second outing, but hey I'm not complaining any excuse for a party is fine by me. The multi-venue event takes place on Saturday the 3rd of April, details of the line up are starting to emerge, so far we have The mystery Jets, British Sea Power, Jeffrey Lewis (didn't he play last year? or was that at Stag & Dagger), Hot Club De Paris, Pulled About By Horses, Wave Pictures, Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, Fenech Soler, Johnny Foreigner, The Boy Who Trapped The Sun, Midnight Lion, Ambulances, Bleech, Kitty the Lion, Mazes, Spectrals, Veronica Falls, Fair Ohs, French Wives, The Kays Lavelle, Silver Coulmns, Panda Su, Little Yellow Ukuleles, plus DJ sets from Joe from Hot Chip and Friendly Fires (I'm sure there are others that I have missed here, so go and check the site for more detailed information).

In my original post I had stated that I thought there were only a few major standouts out for me personally. They were Ambulances who are going to be playing their first ever live show in Glasgow, that's got to be worth a tenner alone. With the other two being Midnight Lion and the Boy Who Trapped The Sun that genuinely got me excited. Thankfully though since the official launch, there are plenty more acts in there that get the old juices, Silver Columns playing their first Glasgow show and the lovely Panda Su, who has possibly one the the most beautiful live voices that I've heard in years. As they're two of the acts that I suggested as being one's to watch this year has got to be a good sign.
Hopefully this is just the start of things to come, as otherwise I could see things being even worse than last year which would be a real shame. Possibly the addition of one more big name band and a splattering of local talent should set Hinterland well on it's way.

Early bird tickets are on sale now for £10, certainly an improvement on the ridiculous price for last years tickets, they are on sale now here. For more up to date information one what's going on you might be better following them on twitter.



  1. Nope, the Tickets link just sent me round and round in a loop. Good work, they'ce already annoyed me!

    The folk I'm interested in seeing so far are ones in tiny writing at the bottom. I suspect they'll all be playing at the same time.
    Still undecided then.

  2. The Darien Adventure? Oh dear Hinterland.

  3. Heh, they fixed their earlier Kitty And The Lion mistake this time though.

    If they want me to proofread future posters in exchange for a free ticket, I'm available!