19 February 2010

Friday Freebies

we're only afraid of NYC
This week we have not one but two Scottish bands that I have been really enjoying, first up is the wonderfully named 'we're only afraid of NYC'. They gave their debut EP away for free a couple of months ago, it was good, and now they're doing the same with their second EP. In my opinion this is better, much better in fact. It's not just me that rates them, the lovely Lauren Laverne has been playing them on her 6Music show last week. The EP is available to download now on their Bandcamp page, if you like what you hear then check back next Wednesday as they're my next 'Scots Way-Hay' victims.

The Kays Lavelle
My other (joint) favourite release this week is the new single from the Kays Lavelle, 'The Hours', which is available to download for free from Wise Blood Industries. This song just simply sounds amazing (I was going to go with lush, but then I sound realised Gavin & Stacey's not cool anymore. Right? Fuck it I liked the first series). After hearing this I really can't wait to the hear the full album which is due out on the 17th of May, get it marked in you diary kids, it promises to be something pretty special.

el hombre trajeado
El Hombre Trajeado were a Glasgow band that emerged toward the end of 1996, they were very much at the forefront of DIY music from this fair city. In total they released three LPs, and one EP, all of which are available to download for free on their homepage, which you can find here.

Kudos goes out to Euan from the Steinberg Principle blog (he's also in The Kays Lavelle, talented bugger that he is) for this little find. It's a live recording of the London shoegaze bands 2008 show at the Union Chapel in London, which is of course up for free download on their Bandcamp.

The Pipettes
Remember them? Surprised they're still going? Yeah me too, but hey fair play to them for sticking at it. I am pretty sure that one of the girls has left the band, but then again I have done hee-haw research on the matter. If you fancy seeing what they sound like these days (not very different to be honest), then you might be interested to know that they're giving away a free download of their single 'Our Love Was Saved By Spacemen'. You should know the drill by now, give them your email address and you get the song, piece of piss.

The Silent Forest
The folky-pop Glasweigans have a few tracks up for free download, just head here
and use the password 'brewhouse' and hey presto you've got yourself some free tunes. If you like what you head and fancy catching the Silent Forest live, then you're in luck as they're playing a free gig at the Mill next thursday (26th). To get tickets all you have to do to get a ticket is either text MILL14K to 82500 or go to the Mills site and register for tickets.

Have Fun At Dinner
If you haven't come across 'Have Fun At Dinner', a relatively new blog then I'd suggest you get that rectifiied. If my my word isn't good enough for you, then you might be swayed by the compilation 'A Glass of Scotch Volume 1' that he's just posted which 'demonstrate the caliber of up and coming bands in Scotland'. It includes tracks from Meursault, Eagleowl, The Last Battle, plus many others. Cracking stuff and before I forget, it's free, but then again I guess you saw that one coming.

The Magic Numbers

The worlds happiest band are giving away new song 'Hurt So Good' which will be on their forthcoming album, it's another one of those give your email address in exchange for the song. If that sounds like a fair deal to you, head here.

Maxwell Panther

The lo-fi Mackem experimentalists new album has just come out on Song By Toad Records, if you want a listen to what he sounds like before making an investment then you can check out his album 'All Ages and Body Types' which is free on his Bandcamp page.

Shooting Stansfield
Ian from Have Fun At Dinner posted about these guys earlier in the week, mighty fine they are too. If you sign up to their mailing list they'll give you a free download of their song 'Modern Warfare'.

Lawrence Arabia
6Music have been playing his song ' Apple Pie Bed' a fair bit this week, cracking tune it is too. You can download it for free on Bella Unions website, go on treat yourself.



  1. I think at this point The Pipettes have replaced more of their line up than The Sugababes. One of them is in The Indelicates now.

  2. Great stuff this week, Lloyd. Really love We're Only Afraid Of NYC.