18 February 2010

Community Service #3 - Glasgow Podcart

I first came across the Glasgow Podcart after Boab introduced me to Sean and Halina at a Yahweh and applesofenergy gig last year. Due to the consumption of a few cans of the finest Red Stripe, my memories of that evening are a bit blurry, I do remember being bowled over about how passionate they both were about music and what they wanted to do with the Podcart. My other memory is of rambling utter shit at Sean for quite a long time, I still cringe when I recall that moment. The following day, I was hungover in work and I had my first listen to an episode of the Podcart. Since that day it's become part of my weekly routine, although I did have to stop listening to it on public transport as I kept getting odd looks when I started pissing myself laughing. I think the most fun thing about the Podcart is listening to what gems they've unearthed this week combined with some piss funny 'banter'. It really does make for a great combination. If you want to find out why I will never be able to drink Irn Bru out of a glass bottle ever again, or the truth behind who was 'Pumped in Venice', then get listening boys and girls. Today is the Podcarts first birthday, as part of the celebrations of this milestone, they're having a wee shindig at the 13th Note tonight. The lineup for the evening boasts three of the finest unsigned Scottish acts about at the moment, Little Yellow Ukuleles, Campfires in Winter and St. Deluxe. Entry is free and it all kicks off around 8pm tonight, it should be a belter of an evening.
Now I'll pass you over to Halina, the Queen Bee of the Podcart-Crew to explain to you in her own words what the Glasgow Podcart is all about and what they have up their sleeve in 2010.....

In your own words describe what Glasgow Podcart is
This answer changes everytime! Glasgow Podcart is a media platform and networking community for musicians, artists, photographers and now writers and film makers. We produce weekly podcasts as well as specialist live sessions. The idea is to enable people to push their ideas forward in a way and create a voice for them. Ultimately, we want people to be seen and heard in a different way.

Please introduce the Podcart team
There is Sean McCann our specialist recording and filming expert and also a talented writer, Ally Burton who is a brilliant photographer and writer, Will McNeilly who is based in Belfast and our graphic designer, web designer all round talented Mr nice guy, Paddy Duke who also with Will does the weekly artwork on the website for our podcasts, Nicola Blair who is now working closely with Sean on recording and filming projects, Louise Cochrane who is a design student also from Northern Ireland. We have 2 new recruits! Iona Bruce and Sophie Stubbs both of whom have very strong arts backgrounds and will be raising the profile of our arts section quite substantially. Finally there is myself, Halina. I with Sean do a lot of the decision making and mainly content on the website.

What was it that motivated you to start doing a weekly Podcast?
I have always been a music fan but mainstream radio was infuriating me. Being subjected to artists that were created through the vision of a record company mogul as opposed to organic musicians I was listening to was very frustrating. There is of course BBC Radio 6 however, which I must point out is a God send! Everyone always says instead of moaning try and change things so that was the idea. We knew about podcasts briefly and I had noticed an increase in digital listening as well as the decline in Radio listeners. We wanted to do things a bit different though and incorporate other art platforms as well.

What would you say has been the best thing to happen since you started it?
Some would immediately presume me saying Stuart Braithwaite of Mogwai and by God that really was a highlight but ultimately I think the relationships we have made. Of course it is natural to be competitive about things sometimes but I suppose it is more the networks we have established. I see all the people we have introduced and some of whom have gone on to work closely together or spawn other projects. It's pretty special.

How difficult is it to find so many new and exciting bands each week?
I think there is a misconception that people think we love everything we listen to. This isn't the case. People have to remember how many people there are in the team and we all have very diverse taste and if someone likes something then so be it we will play it. I will let you into a little secret though if someone is somewhat quiet when the song is played it generally isn't their cup of tea! (I am going to get killed for exposing that haha). I often spend time trawling through myspace friends listening to artists and this is the way I have found most of them. Obviously there is word of mouth and blogs such as yourself and others but I get more satisfaction actually spending time just listening. Some weeks I do find that I listen to several artists in a row that I just have to switch off but generally we have been very lucky.

For you personally what artist/band has excited you most over the past 12 months?
I think in all honesty it is between And So I Watch You From Afar and Panda Su. ASIWYFA are one if not the best live act I have ever seen and their energy is unbelievable. Panda Su is one of the most intriguing young women in music I have had the pleasure of coming across. She wears her heart on her guitar and has often provided a comfort blanket for my emotions with her music. I really think great things are going to happen for her.

For all the folk out there that haven’t heard an episode of the Glasgow Podcart, why should they give you a listen?
We are honest. First and foremost. Just imagine Friday night round your friends with a few beers and you sit and listen to some music and talk about the gigs you have been to and the artists you are listening to that week. It's not scripted and yeah I am going to say it is pretty funny as well.

Lastly, what can we expect to see/hear from Glasgow Podcart this year?
Well! I don't really want to say much as we are going to keep our cards very close to our chest this year but we have some very interesting live things coming up, podcasts from a couple of festivals and a brand new website! The 2 ladies we have taken on for our art side also have some extremely exciting art's ideas that people are going to be happily surprised by. We will of course give Peenko news before these things happen as we love him (Peenko - stop it your making me blush).

Glasgow Podcart

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