04 January 2010

We Have Lift Off

Launch nights, are they really like buses, na not really but alas we have two which have come up pretty quickly after one another. January is notoriously a pretty shitty month for gigs, everyone's skint and there's generally not much going on apart from Celtic Connections. This year might well buck this trend as there are not one but two cracking wee gigs lined up in the first couple of weeks of January. First up is the launch night for We Sink Ships Radio, at the 13th Note this Friday (08/01/10), which boasts a line up of the second hand marching band, Benni Hemm Hemm, Euan McMeeken (The Kays Lavelle) and beneath us, the waves (DJing). A cracking wee line up if I do say so myself, it's only four quid so it shouldn't break the camels back in that long wait until payday.
We Sink Ships is an interesting collaboration between Heidi Kuisma, a Finnish, Glasgow based photographer and Neil Milton, a Scottish photographer, musician and record label owner who now lives in Warsaw in Poland. Together they create and curate online photo exhibitions and now present a show on Radio Magnetic called (unsurprisingly) We Sink Ships Radio, you can download a sampler of the Podcast here. Well worth checking out if you like your Scottish music.

The following Friday (14/01/10) after that we have Ten Tracks in Stereo, a new monthly gig night in Stereo, Glasgow. Which boasts a line up of Super Adventure Club, Tokamak, Fear the Fives. Quite a nice wee line up they have going on there, cash might be even tighter by then, so you can't really complain at £1 entry fee. Personally I'd be there in a shot, except I'l; be away n Bremen for a mates stag, anyone been there? Anything worth visiting?
Anyway, I digress, if you haven't heard of Ten Tracks before it's well worth checking out, it's a monthly
Scottish-based music download service (run by the Skinny I think) where you can download ten quality songs for the bargain sum of one measly pound. It's a great wee idea as it allows you to discover great music for not a lot, while also making sure that the musicians get something back. For a more logical explanation as to what it's all about head on over to their website, Ten Tracks. Further details on the night at Stereo are available on their Facebook page.


  1. I'm going to that one on Friday I think. Didn't know about the Ten Tracks one though, so thanks for the heads up on that, I think I can stretch to a quid and go.

  2. I am thinking about going along on Friday, depends on how much cash I have. I'll let you know though