03 January 2010

Union of Knives no more?

Sadly it looks like Union of Knives as we once knew them are no more, In what sounds like a very similar scenario to singer Chris Gordon's previous band Baby Chaos, their record label has fucked them over. Chris, Bobby and Dave will no longer be playing live with the band anymore, although Dave and Chris will continue to work with the band. The band posted this blog on their myspace which explains what happened and what we can expect to hear from them in future, still shite though.

a brief description of what is going on in the world of union of knives lately:
we finished recording an album in LA and we loved it.
but EMI wouldn't put it out because they were too broke from paying robbie williams a fortune to tour his cathedral of bullshit up and down the land or some fucking thing.
for whatever, reason, we're not working with them any more.
we are now working with empire management of london. they are nice. they're helping us find a new deal and kicking our ass about writing lots of new music.
which we have done.quite a lot, actually.
also, dave and bobby and chris will not be playing in the live band any more. but not to worry, everything is cool with us. bobby is still a friend and dave and chris and i will still be making music together. but it does mean we will have some new members on stage.
and as such, to avoid confusion, we will be changing the name of the band. we don't know what to yet. i think we'll keep the same myspace etc though. pretty sure you can change the URL these days.
so: i thought what better day to announce the new era of this band, whatever it's called and whoever is in it. i know this post won't be read by a lot of people. i don't have delusions of grandeur. but throughout this long and arduous and boring and frankly exhausting process in the festival of lies that is the music industry, (which from conception til today is about two years) every once in while, anyone i speak to about union of knives or sends me a message or whatever... the sentiment is always the same:
it would be a bit of a shame if we just quit. so why don't we get our fingers out and play some shows already. so, to those of you who care, it is very much appreciated.
thank you. we start rehearsing with the new band on sunday and all through january.
we hope to book one glasgow and one london show in mid to late february.
i will post some music here and there shortly. bear in mind they are still at demo stage.
love and luck in the new year. god speed onwards and upward and all that..
cheers craig x"

For further details check out the bands Myspace

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