31 January 2010

Too Much Music, Too Little Time

I love music, it is without doubt one of the most important things in my life. I have no discernible musical talent, to be honest I never really wanted to learn an instrument.
There are occasions when I wish that I'd bothered my backside to pick up a guitar and try it out, although to be honest I much prefer to be the spectator than the player.
You might have noticed that I rarely do any reviews, to be honest I don't think I am justified in critiquing something that someone has worked hard on to then slate it when I can't play one note.

At the moment though I do feel kind of swamped by music, be it recommendations from others, listening to radio shows and podcasts or from folk mailing me stuff. It's getting harder filter out what's good and what's not, being a blogger there almost feels like there is a battle to 'discover' something new. Which means that quite often things can be over hyped far too quickly, then discarded quickly after. For me this has kind of killed my enjoyment of music as that rush means that you don't have as much time to digest music. I know I have been guilty and will probably be so again, of over-hyping a band or artist. It's just that nature of blogging I'm afraid, and probably of the music industry as a whole. The clammer to be their first is just too hard to resist, the old analogy of throw enough shit at a wall and something is likely to stick, is very apt in this case.
Over the past year I have listened to a lot of great Scottish music, and some pretty terrible stuff. Hopefully I've been able to filter through some of the good stuff and you've come across something new that you really liked. As it really does feel like I get to hear something new that I reckons good I have decided to start up not one but two (possibly three) weekly posts.
The first is going to be called 'Fresh Meat Monday', as the title suggests I will be trying to bring you something completely new that you haven't heard of before.
The second will be 'Scots Way-Hay' on a Wednesday, which will be a feature on more established artists that I like and hope you do too.
Lastly, I am planning to do a few posts which should introduce you to other Scottish Music websites, such as bloggers, pocasters, etc. that I reckon deserve your attention.

So starting tomorrow there should be a bit more to read on here, oh and Boab has also said he might bring back his 62 Weekly Word Review (looking forward to that). Stick with me, I promise it'll be good, or less shite at least

Peenko x

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  1. Sounds interesting, bring on all the all-new Peenko!