01 January 2010

Peenko in 2010

So the noughties are no more and now we're into the...actually wtf are we into? the teenties? the teenyweenies? theendofthefuckingworldies? whatever we're calling it's bound to sound pretty shitty. Thankfully though 2010 promises to be a belter of a year for Scottish music, although if you were to trust that taste makers who decide the BBC's Sound of 2010 list then there's not one single 'hot' act who will shine through this year. Is it just lazy journalism or is there really no great music coming out of Scotland at the moment? I think the number of great Scottish music blogs an sites that have come to the forefront in 2009 clearly demonstrate that there is a wealth of amazing bands and if the mainstream press won't take notice then we'll get off our arses and shout from the rooftops to let everyone know how good our bands are.

For me 2009 was the year that the Edinburgh music scene shone, I found myself heading eastwards along the M8 more times this year than ever before. A really supportive scene of bands along with the emergence of a whole load of great venues like the Bowery, the Queens Hall, the Voodoo Rooms and even the Picture House, all of which are fantastic additions to an ever flourishing community. Another notable mention needs to go the Kingdom of Fife, where a great number of artists are being allowed to emerge at their own pace away from the focus of the big cities. I really got into Fence Records in this past year and I am pretty gutted that I missed out on Homegame tickets. I won't be so complacent next year when tickets go on sale as it's the nicest festival I have ever been to. Where else would someone serve you tea and scones whilst you watch one of your favourite acts in a room just bigger than my living room.

One of my favourite things about 2009 was getting to meet so many like minded folk, be it bloggers or even just the folk that visit this blog. Special thanks has to go to Boab and Susie for their posts; Boab, you never fail to make me laugh with your 62 word reviews, I'd like some more please if you don' mind; Susie, thanks a million for all of the Frabbit videos/posts, we really seem to have turned into a hub for Frightened Rabbit fans/stalkers. I am very thankful for this as it shows that I am not alone in my obsession. I would also like to thank anyone who as sent me something, be it a CD/MP3 to review (I might actually start to do reviews next year, if I feel brave) and to those who have taken the time to send me recordings to share with others, you all make me a happy peenko.

There are loads of bloggers/music sites/podcasters who have been inspirational to me, nearly all of them write more coherently than I do and I would strongly urge that you check out all of the Links on here, I did start to list them all but couldn't decide on an order and didn't want to offend any of them, as I love them all equally. Their passion for the music coming out of this wee nation is infectious and the fact the none of them have any hidden agenda and are simply doing because of their love of music makes all the more impressive.

So what am I looking forward to in 2010, shit loads to be honest with you. Within the next couple of weeks I should have my 'Tips for 2010' posted, last year I think I was bigging up Passion Pit, the Phantom Band, De Rosa and er some completely forgettable bands. This year I have a fair few crackers lined up, an no none of them are featured on the BBC's selection. As I don't want to spoil the surprise, plus I don't want big myself up too much and then let you all down, personally I think all of the bands are great and I hope you will find something you like too.
Other than that the blog should stay mainly as it is, recording sessions and trying to introduce you to new bands I think deserve your attention. 'Friday Freebies' seems to work well, so provided folk continue to give away their music (legally), then I'll stick with it.
At the end of the year I should be compiling the results of the Scottish BAMS again, which is something I am extremely glad I did. As there is now a real feel of collectiveness between Scottish Music Sites/Bloggers, hopefully something more will come of this, again watch this space.

There are also plans being forged in my head to maybe put on a Peenko gig some day, possibly for the blogs second birthday, but that seems ages away so who knows what'll happen with that idea, it may well remain an idea. Lastly, and most excitingly there are plans to possibly put an album out with Campfires in Winter, that'll be Boab's band, there's no point in me trying to hide that fact. I've heard the demos and they sound fucking epic. I am highly excited at the prospect of doing something with them and I plan to promote the fuck out of them. You have been warned, but you'll thank me in the end.


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