11 January 2010

Ones to Watch in 2010 - #6 The Incredible Flight of Birdman

Some of you might be aware that Planet Sound, the Teletext music page came to a close at the end of last month, and to be honest I'm still pretty gutted about it. For me Planet Sound was part of my daily routine, I'd regularly read it just before going to bed each night. Over the years the PS Editor John Earls introduced me to loads of great bands, including The Twilight Sad, Modest Mouse, Patrick Watson and most recently Telekenisis. Mr Earls always seemed to be spot on with his recommendations, so when he started talking about this incredible new band he'd heard, The Incredible Flight of Birdman, I decided to give them a listen and even posted about them a fair wee while back. Now having recently set up his own record label, Wet Records, John Earls is ready to introduce the wonderful TIFOB to the world.
Seriously these boys are good, I know I have been focusing on only Scottish acts so far, but these guys were just to good not to feature. Now over to Nick Osbourne the Chief Chirpa of TIFOB for an introduction to the band.

Would you care to introduce to yourself?
Yes, we would care, deeply. We are The Incredible Flight of Birdman, which comprises Nick Osbourne (vocals), Rich Yates (guitar), Rob Fisher (drums), and Doug Stuart (bass). We are from Essex, Grimsby, and Cambridge. There was once a prophecy that if such a geographical combination were to manifest, the world would come to an end. This prophecy is false. I think.

How would you describe the music you make?
Roger Moore once said that if music could be described through language alone, there would be no need for music at all. We would all be dancing to rhythmically scrawled adjectives. Actually, I don't think Roger Moore did say that, but it's a sound philosophy. However, I would say that, as a vocalist, I sound a lot like Mario Lanza. People can decide for themselves by going to our MySpace page, or listening to the track on your page.

How did you start out making music?
Rich and I met at Warwick University. We found that we had a shared taste in many things, but particularly music. So we decided that we either had to go out shoplifting at Fopp together or start a band. We opted for the latter. Although, it wasn't until a little while after we left Warwick that we decided to form TIFOB. By then we had quite a few songs floating around, waiting for two more Frankensteins on bass and drums to give them life. We're a little over a year-old as a band now, but, as well as new songs, Rich and I are still introducing songs to the rest of the band that we wrote before TIFOB was born.

Describe the songwriting process?
Rich and I write the songs, so to speak. The band help arrange them. What I mean to say is, we are the most important people in the band, and we could replace the other two quite easily should more talented musicians come along.

What can we expect to see from you in 2010?
Our first single, Where I Can't See You, comes out on January 11th on WET Records. It will start slow, but we are hoping it will make it into the Pancake Day top 1000. After that, another single or two and an EP hopefully. We'd like to travel a little further afield in 2010 than just Cambridge and London, where our gigs have tended to focus. Mind you, in saying that, I think we will be playing on the Isles of Scilly in April. Now how many other bands can say they've got that planned for next year?

Is it possible to blow up a balloon under water?

This sounds like classic Scottish philosophy in the mould of David Hume, Robbie Burns, and Alan Hansen. It depends what kind of balloon you're talking about, I suppose. If it's one of those sausage-shaped party balloons, then definitely no. If it's a hot air balloon, then definitely yes.

The Incredible Flight of Birdman - The Frustrations of H

You can download the debut single by the The Incredible Flight of Birdman, 'Where I Can't See You' by from iTunes now. You can also buy a physical copy of the single on CD and 7'' over at Wet Records or from Rough Trade. A worthy investment if I do so say so myself.