10 January 2010

Ones to Watch in 2010 #5 - Campfires in Winter

Hand on heart, I won't lie to you, I'm friends with the Campfire boys. So there might seem to be a fair degree of bias in choosing them as one of my acts to watch this year. Personally I couldn't give a monkeys chuff, as I've heard the demos and they are quite frankly amazing.
Well as I have been grooming him and the rest of the 'kids' (as I have affectionately come to call them), have been churning out great songs for a couple of years now. There are plans for a limited release EP in the offing some time soon, and hopefully an album later in the year which I am hoping to be involved with this year promises to be very exciting year ahead.

Would you care to introduce yourself?

I’m Boab from Campfires in Winter and I play guitar and sing. The others - in alphabetical order so as not to dent/massage any egos - are David (drums), Scott (keyboard, guitar and vocals) and Wullie (bass and vocals).

How would you describe the music you make?
Loud noisy stuff that’s quite melodic really. I never know how to describe us. Always sounds arsey. We’re often compared to The Twilight Sad and Mogwai but people always tend to tell us different things about how we sound. Like the lassie who told us we sounded like Death Cab For Cutie a while back. Just naw.

How did you start out making music?
Very slowly. It started as David and me jamming for months and months in school before we decided to ask Wullie for a jam also. Shortly afterwards we asked Scott if he would like to play keyboards. Anyway. we played mainly covers for ages, only writing songs sporadically. Gradually we began writing our own stuff more and phasing out the covers. We would keep writing loads and loads and discard the old stuff and the idea was that eventually we would naturally reach a ‘sound’. I reckon we’re just about getting there now.

What process goes into the way you write songs?
If someone has a song idea we just have a listen in rehearsal, try and come up with our own parts and suggest improvements to others parts etc. Usually lyrics come last, often finished about five or ten minutes before we need them for gigs or recording.

What can we expect to see/hear from you in 2010?
Things going well in the next few months should result in us having an EP out in spring. Following that there may be a short tour and hopefully an album towards the end of the year. And plenty of gigs in between, I hope.

Lastly, the question that’s on everyone’s lips is it possible to blow a balloon up under water?
I imagine that it would be possible but very difficult. First of all, the individual blowing up this party device would be required to have a considerable lung capacity in order to negate the need for any return to the surface for air. It’s also possible that the pressure of the water would cause difficulty whilst blowing up the balloon. I am no scientist, but I do not believe the water pressure would affect the balloon in any way provided the balloon is being blown up relatively near the surface where pressure is not so great. The main effect it might have is that it will push the balloon towards the surface. Another possible problem is that there may be lobsters within the vicinity trying to burst your balloons with their sharp claws, jealous at the suggestion you may be having a party and ignorant to the fact that you are actually undertaking a scientific experiment. These lobsters can be caught and boiled to be served at the buffet at the party to be held for successful completion of the scientific experiment. An easy way to blow up a balloon underwater is to substitute the balloon for a water balloon and use a balloon pump.

Campfires In Winter - They Looked Just Like Fallen Leaves

PS - In case you don't already know, Boab from CiW posts on here from time to time, you might have come across some of one of his posts, they're the amusing and well written ones.

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