10 January 2010

Hinterland and Stag & Dagger return for 2010

Two inner city festivals are set to return to Glasgow for a second year, Hinterland on Saturday the 3rd of April and Stag & Dagger on Saturday the 22nd of May
I must admit that I was quite surprised to see both events returning in 2010, Hinterland in particular. It seem that the organisers of Hinterland must have prepared themselves to do deal with any financial losses from last year and that lessons have been learned. Although they seem to be taking a bit of a risk in thinking that the punters hat paid £42 for tickets will be happy to do so again, as due to poor sales last year, tickets ended up being given away for free just days before the event started. Hopefully they problems with pricing have been addressed, as tickets aren't on sale yet I guess we'll have to wait and see. One major issue that I felt hindered the festival was they spread it over two days, a Thursday and a Friday, thankfully they've seen the error of their ways and shifted it to a Saturday. In all seriousness though why they didn't think of this in the first place is really beyond me, but hey what do I know. Although it might not have been a success financially I really did feel that Hinterland was a good idea and that it seemed to work well. Blending an array of local talent with
established artists, it offered you the chance to nip in and out of various venues across Glasgow. My highlights from last year included Zoey Van Goey, Sons & Daughters and a guy called Geordi La Force. Never heard anything about him after that night though.
For further details on the line up and tickets keep you eye on the Hinterland homepage.

Stag & Dagger was for me a far more successful event, probably because the organisers had the advantage of having previously organised the event down in London Town.
It was on a Saturday, the line up was a lot better. Last year we had Frightened Rabbit, The Twilight Sad and The Phantom Band all in one night, so you can imagine how ever excited I was getting that night. Again no details of the line up have been announced, however, early bird tickets are available to buy now for £10, you can buy them here. Keep an eye out for the line up being announced at the Stag and Dagger homepage. Hopefully they'll get a new logo sorted some time soon, as the one above looks like something I could have knocked up on my old BBC Micro (for all you youngsters that's a very very old computer).


  1. The Stag & Dagger logo looks a bit like a cartoon from the 80s.
    Surprised Hinterland is making a return. I enjoyed what I went to last year, but I was one of the folk that scored a free ticket late on. I'd have been very peeved if I'd shelled out for a ticket for it.

  2. Very interested I have to say. Going to keep my opinions to myself but whatever is going to give those few bands that we help another spotlight then I shall welcome it.

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  4. thanks mate, that genuinely means a lot to me

  5. worked at stag & dagger last year, it was very busy at the rest....had to close the doors for dananananakyroyd...had around 100 angry glaswegians shouting at me! not a fun situation!

  6. it was pretty packed at 6pm for Over the Wall, so I can imagine hwo crazily busy it would have been by then

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