10 January 2010

Gary Lightbody's Buck-ing Pony

As some of you may already know, Gary Lightbody, lead singer of Snow Patrol is working with a new band called Tired Pony to record a country-tinged album. He's roped in a fine selection of artists to work with him including R.E.M.'s guitarist Peter Buck, Iain Archer and his wife and singer Miriam Kaufman, Belle and Sebastian's drummer Richard Colburn. In a recent interview with Vic Galloway, Lightbody revealed that he had managed to rope in two more members whom he was very excited about, but didn't name them. One of which we now know to be Peter Buck, the other remains a mystery

The meeting of great musical minds is taking place as we speak in the US. Gary Lightbody has revealed that the superstar guest on his R.E.M.’s Peter Buck. Gary recently told
Q magazine that “Peter is one of my all-time heroes, “I admire his versatility, he can play any stringed instrument and more besides. I can’t wait to see what he comes up with! He’s a real innovator, which is great because this is a whole new project.”
Having previously managed to gather a host of Glasgow indie stars to record his Reindeer Section side project, I am quite intrigued to see who the other special guest is going to be. They toured with U2 and Coldplay in recent years, or am I thinking too big? Perhaps some of Granddaddy? They toured with them just before 'Run' broke, so perhaps that's a possibility. Anyone else got any suggestions?

Also, being the busy little bee that he is, once the Tired Pony sessions are completed, Lightbody and Lee will head to LA to record an electronic album under the Listen… Tanks! banner. The last time Lightbody worked this hard we got two Reindeer Section albums and 'Final Straw', am I excited, fuck yes.

Tired Pony - Untitled Demo
Listen... Tanks! - Black and Silver
The Reindeer Section - The Last Post Until The Heart Gives Away


  1. If any member of U2 took part I'd probably lose all faith in Lightbody hah.

  2. I pray to fuck that he hasn't gone with any of the dobbers from U2

  3. Anonymous11/1/10

    Tired Pony are: Gary Lightbody, Peter Buck, Iain Archer, Garrett 'Jacknife' Lee, Scott McCaughey, Troy Stewart and Richard Colburn.