29 January 2010

Friday Freebies

Too Many Fireworks
Neil Milton is reviving his label 'Too Many Fireworks', woo to the mother fucking hoo! The double bonus is that if you sign up to the labels mailing list you'll get an eight track too many fireworks sampler download in exchange for free. It's worth it just to hear some Flying Matchstick Men again. Go on, do it, do it now.

The Wildhouse
Edinburgh blogger Ed is just about to put out his first album release by the Dundee band The Wildhouse on his 17Seconds Label. In celebration of this forthcoming release he's put up some free MP3's from the album. Download them here.

The Edinburgh band are offering up some 'free downloads, free video acoustic sessions and more'. All you have to do is sign up their mailing list here.

Tipped by the Pop Cop as one of his one's to watch in 2010, find out if he's uncovered another diamond by downloading their debut EP completely free here.

To Rococo Rot
In celebration of the release of their new album 'Speculation' , the Berlin based post-rockers are giving away a free MP3 download of new song "Working Against Time"

The Canadian electronic musician, Daniel Victor Snaith aka 'Carbou', returns with a new album Swim on the 19th of April. In anticipation of this release he's put up a new song for you to download Just sign up to his mailing list and you'll get yourself a free download of 'Odessa'.

Peter Broderick

The Portland singer/songwriter has put a whole host of demos and outtakes up for free download, strangely they're available to download from Flickr of all places.

Any Color Black
The Glasgow Electro rock duo have put up a free download of 'Start a Fire' for your aural pleasure. If it tickles your fancy then you can get even more MP3's by signing up their mailing list.

Annie Accidental
The Glaswegian lassie has put a free download of her song 'S.A.D.' to down load for free here. It's twee as fuck and it sounds amazing, the perfect song to see you through till normal hours of daylight return.

Little Yellow Ukuleles
Up and coming Weegie powerpop starlets 'the Yook' have put a free download of 'Discopants' on their Bandcamp.

The lovely Edinburgh electornica lady Plum has put her ode to the bard, '
Ae Fond Kiss' up for free download on her blog. Download yourself a copy here.

Pacific Theatre
Another Glasgow powerpop band amking waves are Pacific Theatre, who have put a free download of their song, 'Far Away' up on their Bandcamp.

Apparently the new album, 'Odd Blood', is very good, haven't heard it myself yet so I can't comment. However, I can tell you that they have have put the second single from the album, 'ONE', available as a free download on their website.

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