01 January 2010

Friday Freebies

We're Only Afraid Of NYC

I really meant to catch these guys at Tuts a couple of nights back, sadly I couldn't convince anyone to leave Sleazys in time, useless twat that I am. Bit of a pisser on my part, on a brighter note they've put a few of their songs to download for free here.

Camera Obscura
I know you are probably sick of Christmas already (seriously when the fuck is the sodding snow going to melt), but that's still no reason to ignore Camera Obcscura's festive offering a free download of their Christmas single, ‘The Blizzard’, get it here (right click save).

In case you missed this earlier in the year, the lovely Peter Kelly has now put up a copy of his Bruce Springsteen cover of 'Dancing the Dark' up to download for free on his Bandcamp page. I would strongly urge you to check this out if you haven't done so before, it's class.

Burnt Island
The Glasgow-based indie folk band fronted by the novelist Rodge Glass, have put their debut single The Moments Before/Timeless Colours' up to download for free here. If you are feeling a bit delicate after last nights festivities then this song might just help to soothe that thumping headache, lovely stuff.

Winning Sperm Party
The Scottish DIY label has very kindly put up 4 new free download EPs from Ballad of Mable Wong, Monoganon, Orzelda & Blood of the Bull, download them here.

French Horn Rebellion
Electro-pop duo, French Horn Rebellion, (Robert and David Perlick-Molinari), two brothers born and bred in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, currently residing in Brooklyn NY are giving away a free download of some of their EP 'The Chart of (Placus City) here.

Mush Records
The electronic Independant Record Label are celebrating their 10th birthday with a 'Ten Years Of Mush Records' compilation whavailable to download for free here.

The online retailers are giving away a few free MP3's to download for free including the Local Natives, Hot Chip, Basement Jaxx and Empire of the Sun. Get downloading here.

Team Love

You'll need to register for this one, but it's more than worth as you can get yourself some freebies from Willy Mason, The Wave Pictures and Tilly & the Wall to name just a few. Sign up to Team Love here.

The Mill
You probably already know about the free gigs Miller put at Oran Mor, or the Mill as it's known for the night. What you might not know is that they record these gigs and post videos and MP3' which you can download for free. There's quite a back catalogue of songs up there now, including established bands like Frightened Rabbit, Jetpacks, Meursault, Broken Records, as well as plenty of great local bands that you've not come across yet.
If you want a good introduction to some local bands you might have read about, but never heard, then get downloading here.

Dave Hughes
The Scottish Folk Punk has just posted a new EP up to download for free, there's also a whole host of his back catalogue up there which you can still download, get it here.

Polyvinyl Records
Have posted a sampler record, 'Simple Mental Math' for you to download for free. It includes tracks by Architecture in Helsinki, of Montreal, Japandroids and Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin. Click here and use the password 'MATH'.

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  1. Beerjacket added a new track to his Bandcamp page yesterday too. Bonus freebie!