07 December 2009

Peenko's Albums of 2009 #9 - Butcher Boy - React Or Die

Back when this album first came out it was a minor revelation for me, I think I even heralded it as being the new 'Tigermilk', I might have been getting a bit over excited, but fuck me this album is good. It's very twee, so if that doesn't float your boat then it probably won't be for you, personally it really worked for me. Still relatively unknown in their home town of Glasgow, the septet keep things very low key, playing only a handful of low key shows in bowling clubs and cinemas. For me this album was a major step forward from their debut album 'Profit in Your Poetry' filled with beautiful harmonious songs, if you are looking for something that bit different to add to your Christmas list then look no further.

Butcher Boy - Carve A Pattern

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