08 December 2009

Peenko's Albums of 2009 #8 - Ambulances - The Future That Was

For me one of the most enjoyable things about recording session is discovering something new that new that would probably have passed me by. Out of all of the bands that I stumbled across Fife 6 piece, The Ambulances were by far and away the ones who stood out for me. Recorded in just 8 days in a cottage in Fife with legendary underground producer Kramer, 'The Future That Was' is more West Coast American Dream Pop than East Coast, Scotland. If I have one quibble it would be the lack of liver performances, as I'm itching to catch them in the flesh, hopefully 2010 will see that rectified.

Ambulances - What I Thought Of
You can buy 'The Future That Was' for just £6 here