10 December 2009

Peenko's Albums of 2009 #3 - De Rosa - Prevention

There has been a surge in the popularity of Scottish bands singing in their native accent, De Rosa not only did this, but they took it one step further, singing about the history of their where they grew up and how it effected the world around them. Essentially a modern folk album,' Prevention' touched upon taboo subjects such as domestic abuse and drink driving, crafting them into some of the most beautiful songs t0 have ever emerged from this wee country. De Rosa were my holiday romance of 2009, no sooner had I fallen in love then they where suddenly gone. The Lanarkshire quintet released 'Prevention' in March, before quietly announcing a few months later that they had split a few days before they were due to play a headline show in Glasgow. The album also features my favourite lyric of 2009, "desire crawls on my back like a rat, I doubt Rentokil handle that" from the song 'Pest', that line just kills me. Over time I believe that 'Prevention' will come to be recognised as a classic Scottish album, I am just thankful I managed to catch them before the honeymoon was over.

De Rosa - Pest


  1. Snatching the coveted #3 position in both our charts eh? Wonder if we can get them to reform for a celebration gig :)

  2. A peenko vs Ayetunes night?! bring it on

  3. We don't have to fight at the end of it do we? After a load of beers I'm more likely to hug folk than start punching.
    Unless you play with your iPhone all night, then all bets are off!

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