11 December 2009

Peenko's Albums of 2009 #1 - The Phantom Band - Checkmate Savage

If there was any justice in this world, January of 2009 should have been the Phantom Bands announcement to the world that they were the next big thing, instead everyone lost their heads and went crazy over the Animal Collective. Their loss, as 'Checkmate Savage' is mind blowingly good, it's dark as fuck, I have been racking my brains as to how to describe this album, but to put it simply it can't be pigeonholed, which is probably the main reason why I love this album so much. If you choose to listen to me just once this year, then make this the time to let the Phantom Band into your life, you will not regret it.

The Phantom Band - Halfhound


  1. Couldn't agree with you more. Especially on the fact one just can't put the finger on why.

  2. good to see it wasn't just me

  3. i predict their next LP will destroy 2010 - they seem like they're just warming up with this one. i went back to it when i was compiling my end of year list, and now wish I'd placed it higher in my 10.

  4. Jenkins16/12/09

    I agree with Blimpy, now the year is closing, I just can't wait for another album from them and I think the phantoms are going to walk all over 2010 too. I am certain the next one is going to get them the recognition they truly deserve, and just hope they remember us who were with them from the beginning when they are huge the world over!