11 December 2009

Friday Freebies

Jason Lytle

The ex-Grandaddy-man is giving away a free copy of his Christmas album 'Merry X​-​Mas 2009' featuring seven piano improvised instumental songs, you can download it here.

El Dog
Scottish Alternative, Post-rockers, El Dog are giving away a free download of their Christmas single, 'Let It Snow', their take on the classic festive song. You can get yourself a copy from here.

Enfant Bastard

Edinburgh experimental electro-punk, are giving away a free download of their 'Best of Enfant Bastard'(you can make a contribution if you want) over at their BandCamp page.

Esben and the Witch
Brighton trio Esben and the Witch are giving away a free download of their 5-track EP '33' on their Bandcamp page, it comes personally recommended by my good self.

Mitchell Museum

Another great band giving away a free cover of a Christmas classic are the rather excellent Mitchell Museum who have recorded their own version of 'Stop the Cavalry' and it's freely available here.


Seven piece Fife ‘digi-hop-pop’* act are giving away their debut album as free download, all you have to do is follow the link that they have posted up on their Myspace
*(I think they have copyright on that one)

Voxhaul Broadcast
This hotly tipped American trip are giving away a free MP3 of one of their songs “Atari Love Song”, you can download yourself a copy here.

The Los Campesinos gang have very kindly compiled a whole load of freebies that they've compiled into one big post, so for freebies from Parenthical Girls, Sparky Deathcap, Former Ghosts, Frankie and the Heartstrings and Slow Club all of which you can download some freebies from here.

Withered Hand
Is giving away a brand new song called 'Its a Wonderful Lie', recorded last week by Benni Hemm Hemm in his kitchen, with help from Rory from Broken Records and Chris Bryant of Meursault. You can download yourself a copy here.

The Phantom Band
To show their gratitude for a fantastic year, they will be giving out some Xmas gifts to the earliest arrivals at tomorrow nights show at the Arches, which will include unreleased/unheard music and one or two other bits and bobs..

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