26 November 2009

Something For The Weekend....

First up, if you fancy a night on the tiles this Friday (the 27th), then why not head along to Pin Up Nights 6th Birthday Party at The Flying Duck. Where you can catch The Dirty Cuts, We're Only Afraid Of NYC, Mitchell Museum (really liking these guys) and Always, Me, Me, Me.
With the added bonus of a special birthday edition fanzine and badge for the first 100 to arrive, plus a birthday party wouldn't be the same without cake (and er free toast?!). For further details check the website (while you're there check out there 'leaked' BBC SOUND OF 2010, class).

As part of the series of gigs to launch the forthcoming theapplesofenergy album, from a stolen sea, a new Glasgow recording, publishing and promotions company (busy bee's that they are).
The third gig in series has one of the best line-up's I have seen in donkeys, it's this Sunday (the 29th Nov) at Stereo in Glasgow, featuring theapplesofenergy, Meursault, Second Hand Marching Band and Benni Hemm Hemm. In the words of Larry David, 'pretty, pretty good'. Tickets are £7 and are available to buy from Ticket Scotland.

If you fancy a night out in the City of Discovery, then check out this night being put on by Manic Pop Thrills at the Westport Bar in Dundee. The line-up he has organised is a belter, featuring Saint Jude's Infirmary, Panda Su, Kid Canaveral and Hookers For Jesus (is it just me or is this a cracking name for a band? Okay I guess it's just me). Tickets are only a fiver, a complete bargain in my eyes and are currently on sale at Groucho's Record Store. As an added incentive the first 50 people who purchase tickets in advance will get a free EP on arrival at the gig. For further details head on over over to Manic Pop Thrills, oh and while you're there mind bookmark his rather ace blog.

Super Furry Animals - Something for the Weekend

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  1. There's too many bloody gigs on in the next month...
    Hoping to get to that one in Stereo on Sunday if I can find some spare cash..
    Pin Ups has a good line up too. As well as Mitchell Museum The Dirty Cuts and We're Only Afraid of NYC aren't half bad.