08 November 2009

Peenko's Nostalgic November #8 - She (Glitterbox)

Glitterbox were a Norwich band who were around in the mid-90's, previously called She, the band released one album 'Tied & Tangled'. It was their first two singles "Superman" and "I Wanna Be Your Friend" (when they were still called"She") that got me hooked, for me they were a bit ahead of their time, if they'd been about in the 00's I could have easily seen them being much bigger , but unfortunately they emerged right as Britpop was at it's peak, ignored by the NME, but strangely championed by Kerrang, a formula which didn't work as rock kids weren't too impressed byt their very indie sound. I have no idea what happened to Glitterbox, they just seemed to disappear, the sad curse of many emerging bands.
If you like what you hear then it might be worth hunting down their debut album as it can be picked up pretty cheap on Amazon and the like. If you're looking to pick up a lost gem on the cheap then look no further.

She (Glitterbox) - I wanna be your friend
Last fm


  1. I loved Glitterbox - I thought I was the only person who had ever heard of them! I actually own their entire discography, and Tied & Tangled is still a great album, a cross between Manics and Stereophonics. The singer, Jonny something I think, had a solo project called Satellite who were signed to Mercury but dropped as soon as his album came out. Glitterbox's guitarist formed a band called Lapland who didn't amount to much either.

  2. and there was me thinking that I was the only one!Is Satellite worth hunting for?
    Oh and cheers for the info, good to have you back too, enjoy your hols/time away from a PC?

  3. Satellite album is OK, a bit like Mika in some places bizarrely, nothing like Glitterbox at all though. I'll try and hunt it down for you. Hols were great, thanks... just got 1000 unread emails to sift thru before I get the old blog back up to speed!

  4. I still don't get your liking of Mika, fair play to you for sticking to your guns though.
    If you do come across that'd be great, I am not overly fussed though, as I know what i'm like, it'd probably just end up in the pile of stuff that I download and never listen to.
    Have fun sifting all the good emails out from the spam, looking forward to a new PC post, it's been too long!

  5. Darran25/5/10

    Just come across this blog and reading all you nostalgic posts reminded me about so many bands and albums I need to check out including this one. I have I Wanna Be Your Friend on 7" and have always loved it. I happened to come across it a few months back on a complation cd I got after forgetting about the song. I knew nothing else about the band, apart from the name change, but am know looking forward to hearing the album.
    I did a few months back find whilst I was in a record store in camden find a 7" by a band called she. I wondered if it was the same band and thought Id just by it on the off chance and having read this I know now that it is the same band. The songs on it are called Rollerskates and Take Aim and it was released back in 1994. I must admit I havnt listened to it but obviously it took them a while to get noticed. I must admit I always thought they were American as well.

  6. Glitterbox bring back memories. Last week I found an old interview that I did with them in November 1997. I hope to transcribe it and posted on my website within the next couple of weeks.

  7. isnakebie.com26/10/10

    I've just posted my interview with Glitterbox if anyone is interested.


  8. Anonymous1/3/11

    The lead singer was Jonny Green, the guitarist was Miles Heseltine and the drummer was Mark Servaes (I was at art college with them).

    Jonny is an artist as well as a musician. He has a MySpace page with music he's involved in now:


  9. Actually, the guitarist was Tony Holland, a Kiwi. I was the drummer in his previous band, Dynamo Hum, which also failed to amount to much.

  10. Anonymous13/9/14

    Actually Tone was the bass player who is probably amounting to much to this very day.