07 November 2009

Peenko's Nostalgic November #7 - Cable

Cable were a curious bunch, they originally made a splash as their single, 'Freeze the Atlantic' was used for a Sprite advert, which left their credibility status slightly in tatters. However, they went on to release some superb albums, which received some cracking reviews, unfortunately though this never transferred into commercial success.
In 2006 a covers album of their songs was put out called 'Souvenir - A Tribute To Cable' which featured such luminaries as Tom Vek, Stapleton and Get Cape, Wear Cape Fly.
If you are looking to hunt an album down I'd suggest you start with Sub-lingual.

Cable - Arthur Walker


  1. The Freeze The Atlantic single had an amusing B-Side, in which they took the piss out of themselves for the Sprite advert.

  2. don't suppse you've got an MP3 of it, just for shits & giggles?