06 November 2009

Peenko's Nostalgic November #6 - Bis

In the UK, Sci-fi Steven, John Disco and Manda Rin, aka 'Bis', never really quite got over the massive backlash they faced after being the first unsigned band to play Top of the Pops. Performing "Kandy Pop" from their Secret Vampire Soundtrack EP seemed to end up doing the band more harm than good in these shores, which for me is a real shame as in my eyes they were dismissed far too quickly. Some of the early stuff was a bit silly, but it was a lot of fun too, and if you stuck with them then you would have been treated to some cracking tunes, I have gone with Eurodisco taken from their album 'Social Dancing', an album which I listened to repeatedly when I toured round Europe in the summer of 1999. That was until i was a total fucktard and left my rucksack with CD player and loads of other important stuff on a platform somewhere in France, it was only recently that I was able to go back and listen to said album without cringing about that moment.

Bis - Eurodiso


  1. As ever an excellent choice Peenko.

    I always felt bis were criminally under rated. Strangely and coincidentally, i listened to "we are bis from glasgow scotland" (an excellent and highly recommended compilation) on the train back from london after seeing Psychic TV's final uk appearance on tuesday night.

    That made me sad.

    Bis made me happy again.

    Getting home to find that my peenko badges had arrived put the veritable cherry on the top.

    Thanks Peenko

  2. HATED Kandy Pop back then, and still do now, but the rest of their stuff is far, far better. Tend to agree that doing Kandy Pop on TOTP did more harm than good.
    Also they were part of one of the stranger gig line ups I've ever been to, when they supported Rocket From The Crypt.