13 November 2009

Peenko's Nostalgic November #13 - Baby Chaos

Like most folk it was Nirvana that showed me the light and showed me a world of alternative music, but they weren't my first love in music, that honour goes to 4 lads from Stewarton, a tiny wee village outside Kilmarnock. I first saw them supporting Terrorvision at the Barras way back in 1995, followed by a headline gig at Tuts a few months later (incidentally, the first band on the bill that night were a wee band a called Travis). Their debut album, 'Safe Sex, Designer Drugs and the Death of Rock 'n Roll' was played constantly in our house, much to the annoyance of my folks as both my me and my sis fell for this band big style.
In the end various spates of bad luck, including losing a drummer to a heart murmur, their American A&R man leaving the company on the cusp of the release of their second album 'Love Yourself Abuse' and also managing to lose their tour bus whilst on tour in the States, meant that they never managed to make the breakthrough they thoroughly deserved.
Baby Chaos later went on to become Deckard, releasing a a further 3 albums, lead singer Chris Gordon is now in Union of Knives, who's second album is due out in the new year.

Baby Chaos - Buzz

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