12 November 2009

Peenko's Nostalgic November #12 - Beth Orton

When I got my first ever car (a blue Fiesta, called Terry) I played Beth's debut album 'Trailer Park' an unhealthy amount of times, there was something quite haunting yet soothing, her voice still kills me. At that time she was pretty much every indie boys dream girl, you couldn't help but fall fall for her self assured kookiness. I have decided to go with 'She Cries Your Name', based purely for the line 'How fickle fate can be', one of my favourite lines in a song ever.

Beth Orton - She Cries Your Name

1 comment:

  1. I love this song. REALLY love it. I didn't get my mitts on this album til 2002 which is a bit of a riddy, but "She Cries Your Name" woke me up on my stereo for months. The string intro still sends shivers. Reminds me of frosty Fife mornings.