01 November 2009

Peenko's Nostalgic November #1 - Symposium

Right here's the deal, every day in November I am going to post one lost hidden pop gem from a 90's band. Yes, I am being self-indulgent, yes, you probably don't care, but it might just brighten up the day of someone.... somewhere...

First, off it's Symposium, the greatest live band that I have ever seen. Some people never quite get over their first love, I've never gotten over the break up of Symposium. their gigs were usually a complete riot, with hyperactive lead singer Ross Cummins causing most of the chaos. I won't delve into quite how obsessed I was with this band, as looking back on it scares even me.
What I wouldn't give to see them play live just one last time......

Symposium - Disappear

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