02 November 2009

New Scottish Podcast - Detour Launch Night

Podcasts, they're like buses at the moment, personally I am really enjoying seeing so many people now using the internet to spread the word about all of the great music that's coming out of Scotland just now. Next week sees the launch of what I hop is another fine addition to this list, the Detour Podcast is kicking off in style with two great local acts, Bronto Skylift and Lions.Chase.Tigers both playing at their launch night at Bloc in Glasgow on the 11th of November.

Their monthly Podcast promises to introduce you to some of the 'best new Scottish music, the best craic, and the best chat' . The Podcast will be free to download from their homepage or iTunes. I look forward to seeing what they come up with, hopefully they'll be able match the high standard set by these great Scottish Podcasters: - The Glasgow Podcart, Under the Radar, Jim Gellatly, Elba Sessions and the Waiting Room.
(I am sure I have forgotten somebody, if it's you, sorry I have goldfish-like memory)
Edit - I remember who I missed, how very bad of me, the Song, by Toad Podcast

Anyway, hopefully I'll catch some of you at the launch night as it promises not be good un.

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