27 November 2009

Friday Freebies

This weeks Friday Freebies has a very distinct Fife/Fence Records feel to it, mainly cause all of those nice folk have something to share with you and it won't set you back a bean.

The English Bore
First up we have The English Bore, who is giving away the first version of his new album for free (there's 4 versions of it apparently) you can download it for free here.
"Its an experiment in tonality, stereo fields and disintegration, and an honest attempt to make something completely original. its not really succeeded, but it is what it is."

Steve Mason

Next up we have Steve Mason, the former lead singer with the Beta Band, he released his new single 'All Come Down' on Monday there, but curiously it is also available as a free download over at The Quietus. If you fancy having a listen/download then you can grab yourself a copy here. If you feel guilty and would like actually pay for the single then you can do that here.
Steve Mason's new album Boys Outside, will be out in March of next year.

King Creosote

You might have read about the never to be officially released King Creosote album “my first bit of strange in 13 years” on Under the Radar this week. The concept is basically that KC has an albums worth of material that he would "rather not record and release in the usual way". So he is encouraging folk to record the album from a handful of live shows that he will perform at this years Homegame Festival.
Sound like a really interesting concept to me, here's hoping that I make it to one of the HG shows. Anyway, as per usual I am rambling, the point of this entry was that during the Fence Halloween weekend, King Creosote invited various Beeflords along to record a special recording of said album, which has now been put out for everyone to share. Sweet!
For more detailed information on this and plenty of other Fence type things head on over to the Beefboards, where you can meet loads of great folk, they don't bite honest.
Oh and more importantly to download the recording go here, NB the recording is in FLAC and will take a bit longer to download. If that's a problem for anyone let me know as I am sure I could convert a copy into MP3 if anyone asks nicely.

Fránçois And The Atlas Mountains
And last but more certainly not least, a wee taster of the latest release from Fence's F&TM, a cheeky MP3 of 'Be Water' can be yours for free over at The List, along with an interview with Fránçois himself. Get it done.


  1. Cheers for the KC link!

    ....38 minutes remaining.... think I need better wireless.

  2. it took me about an hour to download, so i wouldn't worry about it

  3. Another late entry, courtesy of Chemikal Underground's mailing list. A brand new track off Emma Pollock's next album - http://www.chemikal.co.uk/subscribermp3s/Hug_The_Harbour.mp3

  4. Found this tracklisting online for "My First Bit Of Strange In 13 Years"

    1 - There's No Escape
    2 - Collector Of Mundane
    3 - Trigger Happy I Am
    4 - Bats In The Attic
    5 - Details
    6 - Swallow Dive
    7 - J
    8 - Tits Up
    9 - (Tuning)
    10 - This Simple
    11 - The B-All And End-All Of That

  5. Great to hear new music from Steve Mason. I was completely unaware. Cheers.