13 November 2009

Friday Freebies

The Morgue Party Candidate
I'm still in two mind as to whether this is one of the best or worst names for a band that I have heard in ages, but the one thing is for sure their EP 'Good Morning, Good Night' is pretty damn good, and it's available for free here . If you like what you hear and you are going to the Define Pop Festival at the Flying Duck tomorrow (the 14th of Nov) then you might wanna make sure that you're there for say about seven, as they're on at ten past.

Euros Childs

If you were at the Edinburgh leg of the Music Like a Vitamin show in Edinburgh last month then you might well have caught Euros Childs set with Norman Blake. If you liked what you heard that night then you might be pleased to know that if you add yourself to his mailing list, then he’ll let you download his new album ‘Son of Euro Child’ for free, go get it here.

17 Seconds
Over at 17 Seconds, Ed is very kindly giving away some free samplers from some of his roster, including their latest signing The Wildhouse, plus stuff from Chris Bradley and X-Lion Tamer.

The Go Away Birds
I posted their Marc Riley session a while back, and rather good it was too, if you missed it then you might be interested to know that The Go Away Birds are made up of Catherine Ireton from God Help the Girl and Michael John McCarthy from Zoe Van Goey
They're giving away their new EP 'Heart Thump, Heart Thump' for free here.
Thanks go out to Jim from Aye Tunes for the heads up on this one.

God Help the Girl
While we're at it, you can also download 'Stills' the title track of their recent 5 track EP, and all they ask is for you to sign up to their mailing list, which you can do here

Hot Hot Heat
It's been a couple of years since there's been anything heard from these Canadians, if you didn't give up on them after 'Bandages' then you might be interested to know that they're giving away two free tracks from their forthcoming album. All you've gotta do is follow the link.


  1. Will any of the Peenko crew be going to Define Pop?

  2. I'd forgotten about Hot Hot Heat - they've done some great songs, but I've not listened to them for ages.

  3. I pretty much lost interest after 'Make up the Breakdown', nothing ever really lived up to Bandages in my opinion.

  4. Jimbo - I am hoping to come along on Saturday, mainly to see KC. The major stumbling block is finding myself a partner in crime, hopefully my wife will cave in and come along. i'll let you know tomorrow (hopefully)