13 October 2009

Peenko Blog Is One Year Old Today

So who'd have thought it, Peenko Blog is officially a year old today.
To say that things have changed round here over this past year would be a pretty big understatement, to be honest i only really started this blog up to try and get some of mates to listen to new things by sharing albums, which soon escalated way out of control. Now I am not quite sure where I am going with it, all I know is that I still really enjoy doing it. I have discovered loads of great local artists and plenty of other stuff that I doubt I would have if it hadn't been for this. I've also got to meet a whole load of really nice folk, who have either helped me out, introduced me to new things or even just visited the blog and said nice things; all of which I have really appreciated. I was going to sit and name check a fair few folk, but as I started to write it all out it sounded far to much like a fecking Oscars acceptance speech, basically if you are reading this thank you.

Right that's enough of the sucking up your arses, here's the part you might actually appreciate, to celebrate the big day I have had a run of 100 badges made up, unfortunately they haven't come through yet, otherwise I would stick a picture up to show you what they look like.
So here's the deal, if you want a badge I'll post you one, all you need to is email me at peenkoblog@gmail.com or directly message me on Twitter, with your name and address and I'll post one out to you, simple as that.
So that's it, I hope you enjoy the blog and that you stick with me for another year.

Peenko x