09 October 2009

Oxjam Glasgow 2009 - Line Up & Stages Announced

If you are thinking about going to this years Oxjam weekend, but were waiting until you had a better idea of how the line-up would shape up, well wait no more. Spread over the weekend of the 24th-25th of October, the event boasts a healthy array of great Scottish acts. There are still some EarlyBird tickets on sale (4 at last count), so if you fancy it be quick!

Sat 24th Oct Venues 1-8
1. 13th Note (Acoustic Riot Stage)
Dave Hughes And The Renegade Folk Punk Band, Roscoe Vacant, El Bastardos, Judith HarronJimmy Richards, Billy Liar, Roberto Cassani, The Moth And The Mirror & Shambles Miller

2. Metropolitan
Martin John Henry, Mike Nisbet, Jamie Keenan & Malcolm Ross

3.ABC - Polar Bar
Brother Louis Collective, John B Mckenna, Full House, Ben Chaddock, Mike And Solveig

Jonny Jack, Paul Mcgranaghan, Pure Brass, Compere Tbc

The Xcerts, Cuba Cuba, The Lafontaines, Atlas Skye, The Marder, Young States

6.The V Club
My Cousin I Bid You Farewell, Esperanza, Energy!, Lions. Chase. Tigers., Glider & Hidden Masters

7.The Vale
Vendor Defender, Homework, Ben Td, Gong Fei, The Reveres & Endor

8. Sloans--- (Curated By The Skinny)
Strike The Colours, Zoey Van Goey, The Low Miffs, Yahweh, The Seventeenth Century

Sun 25th Oct Venues 9-15

9.Brunswick Hotel Penthouse Suite
Emma Curran, Andrea Marini, David Bova & Mark Mccabe

10.Pivo Pivo
Tango In The Attic, The Deals, Schnapps, The Dull Fudds, Big Ned, Bwani Juntion, Wilson Tan, Eddy And The T Bolts, The Black, Delorian, The 123s, Three Blind Wolves, The Deneros & The Cellophanes

11.The Admiral
Be A Familiar, Yoshi, The Social Services, Haight Ashbury, The Apologists, Alex Wayt, The French Wives & Castaway
[[ Plus Dj Sets From Sons And Daughters And Miss Bonner (Party Ya Cow!) ]]

12. Capitol
Tempercalm, Nacional, Ming Ming And The Ching Chings, Call Me Ishmael, Barn Owl, Maple Leaves, Boycotts & Casino Brag

13. Mcchuills
Nine Circles, My Actions Your Exit, Little Eskimos, Reginald, Bad Day?, Albino Monk & Fanzine Hero

Attic Lights, El Dog, United Fruit, The Mode, Fox Gang, Odeon Beatclub, Dbass Collective & Man At The Window

15.Basuro Blanco (Brunswick Hotel Basement)
Lowreck, Jan Cree, Gareth Whitehead, My Evil Twin & Chris Coulston


  1. Anonymous26/10/09

    Attic Lights were brilliant at Mono last night - what a band! When can I see them again?

  2. I like the line up they are all the best.