12 October 2009

Idlewild– Live At The Glasgow Garage (31/05/99)

Track Listing
1. You just have to be who you are
2. I am a message
3. Broken windows
4. 1903-1970
5. You don't have the heart
6. Little discourage
7. Annihilate now
8. When I argue I see shapes
9. Forgot to follow
10. Satan polaroid
11. Captain
12. Safe and sound
13. Everyone says you're so fragile



  1. Anonymous28/10/09

    Sweet as fuck! I taped this show off Radio 1 way back when and completely wore it out - I've been looking out for it for ages!

    Good work!

  2. Anonymous9/11/10

    Also had this on cassette from the Radio. Loved this live version of 1903-70 much better than the recorded version with piano. Thanks!

  3. Pumpkinette5/12/10

    Thank you for posting this. I had recorded this of the radio back in 1999 but the tape has long since died and I have been hunting for this for the last 3 years.Thank you again for posting this and allowing us to download this from you. You have made me very happy.

  4. Anonymous31/3/11

    this, is a sane ting