07 October 2009

Help Ma Boab, It's The Weekly 62-Word Review #1

Ah yes, so it is the first in our series of 62-word reviews, where I attempt to review whatever you feel like sending us in 62 words or less. This means if something is really bad I can just say 'It's shit' and get away with it. Oh, and before you ask, the reason I chose 62 is that it rhymes with 'review'. Also, Peenko chose the name ('Help Ma Boab...') and I have no choice but to go with it. And away we go...

Dave Hughes - Sinners and Saints album
A slow start but picks up on second track ‘The Sinners and The Saints’. Reminiscent of Flogging Molly with more than a hint of The Clash with shades of The Waterboys in the vocals. If only they were in tune, but then again that wouldn’t be punk would it? ‘The Sinners And The Saints’ is the standout track. Decent album, nothing spectacular.

Download it here.

The Morgue Party Candidate - Good Morning, Good Night EP
TMPC crash in under a swathe of delay sounding like the poppy lovechild of Editors and The Xcerts on ‘Animal Dance Party’. More of the same on second track ‘Good Morning, Good Night’ (although with less of the Editors) before degenerating into pulverising metal in places on ‘Iron & Thieves’. Good stuff, with definite potential to be excellent in the future.

The Morgue Party Candidate play Stereo tomorrow night (8th October) with The Macabre Scene. (I'll be there. Feel free to come talk. I'm not telling you what I look like though, you'll just have to ask everyone there 'Are you Boab?')

Kid Canaveral - Left and Right EP
Cracking wee EP this. ‘Tis very short, at only around seven and a half minutes. ‘Left and Right’ is a frantic pop thrill, whilst ‘Long In The Tooth’ is more akin to some of King Creosote’s more recent material. The highlight is ‘Stretching The Line’ which fuses folk pop with electro drum beats and Radiohead-esque vocals. An excellent, diverse collection of songs.

The EP is released on 19th October.

Boab xx


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  1. I look forward to asking everyone if they are Boab tomorrow night in Stereo then.