18 October 2009

Help Ma Boab, It's The Weekly 62-Word Review #2

The Holloways - Jukebox Sunshine (single)
Lyrically inane, rancid arsejuice with so little substance it cannot be scientifically classed as anything. Soulless, spineless, knoberific wankery to be filed alongside Little Man Tate and The Paddingtons under ‘Mindless Drivel‘. Unadultered oxterpish that should be left in a vault deep in the earth for future generations to laugh at how bad we were at being humans. An unflushable jobby.

Sadly, The Holloways play King Tuts on Nov. 9th.

X-Lion Tamer - I Said Stop (Single)
Wasn’t too keen on this initially. I’m not a massive fan of the whole Pet Shop Boys - style vocoder thing but as the day went on I realised that I had the chorus lodged firmly inside my skull on a permanent loop. It’s grown on me massively since, one of the best out and out pop songs I’ve heard for ages.

X-Lion Tamer play 13th Note on Oct 30th.

Cast Of The Capital - Rotten Kids & Haversacks EP
A good EP, this, if a little bland at times. Reminiscent of Teenage Fanclub and The Magic Numbers. Standout tracks are Tree Sleep - a country-ish pop number which morphs into something a little darker, in the Blanche vein - and Comiston Springs - a jangly, Songs From Northern Britain-esque track perfect for a Californian road trip in a Lincoln Capri convertible.

Cast Of The Capital have shitloads of gigs coming up, check them all out on their myspace.

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  1. Holloways review - a great start to my day.

    Oxter - When i use this word in London, people stare blankly. My favourite use being: He was oxtered from the premises.