07 October 2009

Belle and Sebastian - The Bowlie Weekender, 1999

Track Listing
1 Slow Graffiti
2 Seeing Other People
3 Dog On Wheels
4 The Wrong Girl
5 Winter Woolly
6 If You're Feeling Sinister
7 I Don't Love Anyone
8 The Boy With The Arab Strap
9 Photo Jenny


BBC Radcliffe Sessions, July and December 1996
10 Lazy Line Painter Jane
11 Dog on Wheels
12 The State I Am In
13 I Could Be Dreaming
14 We Rule The School
15 Just A Modern Rock Song
16 Seeing Other People
17 Judy And The Dream Of Horses
18 Like Dylan In The Movies



  1. Great post Peenko.

    That was a fantastic and surreal weekend - all sorts of bizarre occurences with an incredibly loud Mogwai as a secret special guest in a tiny wee dining type room.

    All headliners were brilliant - but the Divine Comedy were head and shoulders above everyone - incredible band live at that time. The indie purists weren't too impressed though...

    I seem to remember a much longer set and Belle and Seb covering My Generation (enthusiasticaly but very badly.

    Ah well, can't have everything.

    Brilliant post, brilliant blog

    Thanks again Peenko

  2. glad you liked it mate, I have had a hunt for the 'My Generation' cover, alas to no evail.
    I presume that not all of the show was broadcast, hence the shorter set.

    Thanks for the kid words, they are really appreciated, should have more B&S up beofre the end of the month