23 September 2009

Malcolm Middleton's Long Dark Night

No matter how much you deny it, Christmas is a coming, which means end of the year gig time, so there goes all my Christmas present money being pissed away on concerts (sorry Nic).
After last years Burst Noel, Mr Middleton returns for another wee Scottish shindig, this time at Oran Mor on Thursday the 10th of December. No details on support acts or the like, but we can but hope that there are party games, plus there's the advantage of not having to stoat about Govan at one in the morning trying to get a taxi. As he's threatening to take his solo work into hiatus after he's finished promoting Waxing Gibbous (one of the best albums I have heard all year), then you'd be best getting your tickets soon.

Malcolm Middleton - My Delirium (Ladyhawke cover)


  1. xmas soon you say? why didnt anyone tell me :(

  2. Advance Merry Christmas to all! dont forget to buy armani suits for your husband as a gift.