03 September 2009

Introducing - The Lava Experiments

Since starting this blog last year I have been really fortunate to have 'discovered' lots of Scottish bands, every day something new seems to come to my attention. Some good, some not so good, the Lava Experiments would defintely fall into the good category. In this past year I have come across a few bands that seem to have been influenced by the Beta Band, the main two being Django Djano and FOUND, both of whom seem to have taken the poppier influences and made them their own. The Lava boys seem to have taken the darker elements of the Beta band, fused with a blend of Depeche Mode. The first time I listened to them was on a hazy hungover Saturday, their ambient chilled out sounds nursed me through the pain better than a roll & sausage with can of Irn Bru. Take for example the opening track on their new EP, 'Piecing Memories Together' (listen to it below) the initial build of the song makes you feel like your on some kind of lift off into the unkown, before building slowly into a dream like ambient rollercoaster of fun. Quite simply, wow!

The electronic Glaswegian three-piece originally started out as the solo project of main man, Fraser Rowan, they already have a few releases under their belts, including self released album ' Wavelength' (which you can download for free from the link below) and their 'Solar' EP.
Since 2008, they have been working hard on new material, undertaking a project to release three EP's entitled the 'Blackbody' Volumes. with Vol.1 being release in May of that year.

Vol II, the second EP of the trilogy came out on Monday there, limited to just 100 physical copies, this Ep won't about long. If you fancy getting your hands on a copy then you might still be able to buy a copy here, or you could get your glad rags on and head down to Sleazys tomorrow night for the EP launch (Friday the 4th of September), tickets are a measly £5 if you go here, or alternatively you can stump up £6 at the door. If you can't make it and you leave it too late to buy a physical copy, then you can purchase digital copies from iTunes, Amazon, Napster etc.

For more sensible words on the Lava Experiments go here and here

Last fm
Download their debut album 'Wavelength' for FREE

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