02 September 2009

Grizzly Bear - Radio Scotland Session; Another Country with Ricky Ross (01/09/09)

Track Listing
1. All We Ask
2. Foreground
3. While You Wait For The Others


I know I haven't mentioned Grizzly Bear on here before, but I caught this session when I was driving home last nigth and it sounded lovely, plus Veckatimest is a cracking wee album. Actually, this is my blog, I don't need to justify myself. God I sounded like a cock there, just download it and ignore me, it's safer that way.......

Grizzly Bear play the Glasgow ABC on the 2nd of November,
you can get yourself a ticket

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  1. Anonymous3/9/09

    Downloaded. Cheers for that, it's cracking wee album indeed but i've wore it out. Nice to have an alternative listen.