16 September 2009

Frightened Rabbit Return with new single in November

After announcing at last months sold out Edinburgh gig, that their next single would be 'Living in Colour' the Frabbit boys (or perhaps FatCat) have had change of heart and gone with 'Swim Until You Can't See Land' as the lead single from their forthcoming album. The release date of the single has been set as the 16th of November, and it's apparently boast "a stunning string arrangment from labelmate, Teutonic ivory-botherer, Hauschka" (me neither).

Personally, I really like 'Swim..', but I can't help but feel a little disappointed at this announcement, something 'new' would have been nice. Oh and the B-side is going to be 'Fun-Stuff', aka 'Last Tango in Brooklyn', so it looks like we will have to wait until next year to hear something new from the boys. In the meantime here's a video of them playing Fast Blood at the Monolith Festival.

If you fancy catching them live then the are playing the the Scottish Mental Health Arts and Film Festival on Wednesday 21st Edinburgh at the HMV Picturehouse, tickets are a measly £5.
There's also another date for a the Scottish Royal Variety performance in Glasgow, which costs around £60-70, which features names such as Tam Cown and the Sugababes, which should be an interesting evening....


  1. I was really disappointed when I saw this news. SUYCSL has been out there for a few months and of course Fun Stuff has been out there well over a year. And they did say the single would be Living in Colour at QH. I personally thought Steve and LIC were more similar but we don't know what else is on the album so it may make more sense to begin with SUYCSL as an introduction but as it's been out there (albeit acoustic) the introduction is already kinda done.
    Living in Colour is begging to be a single. And it sucks we have to wait longer for it. It also sucks their touring around November for this single is all down South.

  2. I take it you're going to the Edinburgh gig though?

  3. Of course, my ticket is staring at me right now. £5 is a bargain and hopefully we'll get a good length set since doors at 6.30pm so it should start by 7pm.

    I have to think if they are holding off on doing the Scottish dates on the support tours they are saving something special for us.