04 September 2009

De Rosa - Appendices

"A project where a free specially written and recorded song is given away free by MP3 download on the first Monday of each month of 2008."

Track Listing

1. Appendix #1 - It Lives in Parks
2. Appendix #2 - Ore
3. Appendix #3 - Blisters (Dirty Version)
4. Appendix #4 - One Sixtieth of a Second/Too Late
5. Appendix #5 - The Sea Cup
6. Appendix #6 - Falling Water
7. Appendix #7 - Out to Play
8. Appendix #8 - Robin Song
9. Appendix #9 - Joyless
10. Appendix #10 - A Prelude to Entropic Doom
11. Appendix #11 - Community
12. Appendix #12 - To Early Days of Home



  1. Anonymous10/9/09

    Lest we forget. thanyou thankyou thankyou.

  2. can you upload a new link, please?

  3. send me your email address and I'll send you a Dropbox link mate

  4. Anonymous22/5/11

    could you possibly fire me a copy of this too please? email is: jhed@hotmail.co.uk

    Would be greatly appreciated- love the band!

  5. Anonymous4/8/11

    hey man, haven't seen this link in some time. I'm the same "JM." guy who posted you a while ago about uploading a new link. been looking everywhere for this! my email is jmmartinezn@gmail.com -would be greatly appreciated as well :)

  6. Anonymous17/8/11

    Thanks for the dropbox link man!.-


  7. Anonymous19/8/11

    Can I also get a link for this album? My email is wcc71@hotmail.com. Thanks.

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  9. Hi can you send me this album too?? My email is incubunarc@hotmail.com. Thank you

  10. Anonymous14/3/12

    hi could i potentially get a copy of this album? would be greatly appreciated calumcouston@gmail.com

  11. Anonymous14/3/12

    Alright guys. If anyone still would like a copy of this album, I'd be happy to send a copy. Email me at haunted_attics@hotmail.com.
    I used to play guitar in De Rosa; the guy in the picture with his head turned away as a matter of fact :)