11 September 2009

Broken Records announce Scottish Tour & EP Re-release

Broken Records are set to digitally release their 'Out On The Water' EP on the 2nd of November, with a tour planned to support it's release. Previously available only at gigs or from the band directly, the EP is definitely worth downloading, I actually prefer it to the album, but hey that's just my opinion, and you know how much that counts for!
Anyhow, links for all of the gigs can be found below, apart from Kelso, cause they don't have a website...the internet...electricity....the wheel... ;)

Oh and thanks to Jim from Ayetunes, we have Broken Records covering the Beatles.
Broken Records - oh! darling



  1. Thankfully you can get away with slagging Kelso, since no one there will ever see it. They probably think you are the Devil for making words appear magically though.

  2. Skinandies in Thurso is the secondshitest place I've ever been in. Second only to Thurso itself.