14 August 2009

There will be blood ......Lions.chase.tigers

The rather excellent Lions.chase.tigers have announced their first release, 'To Their Blood', it's going to consist of 6 tracks, so I guess you could call that a mini album, right? Or does it fall under the EP categorisation? Perhaps I should stop trying to pigeon hole it, it is what it is.

In celebration of its release the band are playing the ABC2 on Saturday the 3rd of October (that feels like ages away to me), tickets are a measly five pounds, not bad for a Saturday night in the bright lights of Vegas.

The CD itself will be available to purchase at the show for £4.00 but if you are unable to make it on the night, then it you will still be able to purchase a copy from (coming soon) website for a fiver.

More excitingly though the band have made the bold decision to give downloads of the record away for free. In a time when there is much debate about whether or not downloading is killing the industry I see this as being a great way to go. Yes I know there are plenty of folk out there who don't pay for any records, which is fair enough if their conscience is clean fair play to them. Personally I still download a lot of music, but I still prefer to own a tangible product at the end of the day. Downloading for me is no more than the modern day equivalent of Fopp's old 'suck it and see' policy, if I download an album and like it I'll go out there an buy it. Right, I have gone off on a tangent, sorry I was getting a bit carried away with myself there.

Anyway, as the band appreciate that their songs will eventually be leaked out on the web they have decided to put the record up as a free download.

"To Their Blood will also be able to be downloaded from the same website for free… yes, free. A wise man once pointed out that no matter what way you look at it, every piece of music is available online to download for free right now. Why should you have to pay iTunes or any other digital ..service.. for music at a greatly reduced quality? For the same amount of money you can have the finished article in your hands, complete with artwork and high quality audio tracks. Those that actually want to have the CD will buy it, people that want to download music will find it for free… why stop them? All that we ask is that you share some details with us. We will give you the entire mini-album to download for free in exchange for your Name, Address and Email....."

Personally, I feel that for an up and coming band such as LCT this makes perfect sense, gaining as much exposure as they can, whilst still having a product which they can sell to cover costs makes sense. As for track listings there are no details out there yet, fingers crossed they stick 'That Kid Can Sleep' on there, as that is a TUNE!

Prior to the launch night Lions.chase.tigers play a couple of dates this month

20th - King Tuts with There Will Be Fireworks.
22nd - Sneaky Pete’s with Cryover Billionaires & I See Shapes


Discover Simple, Private Sharing at Drop.io

Discover Simple, Private Sharing at Drop.io

Download the tracks here

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